Sookie Books are Better Than True Blood

Sorry to say this but I am a die-hard, longtime Charlaine Harris fan – and the True Blood series on HBO does NOT do the Sookie Stackhouse books justice!

I recently finished the latest installment in the series – Dead and Gone – and LOVED it (as I knew I would). Once again, Sookie is stuck in the middle of a murder mystery and hopefully, she won’t be next. I love the anecdotes about her mindreading – all the disgraceful things she hears – much more chilling than what Edward Cullen supposedly hears (cat?! – but love him) – and then there’s the romance and intrigue and Eric…*sigh*…Eric. But alas, HBO will turn my romantic, sexy, funny, entertaining book into a sex fest that I’m embarrassed to watch with my parents present – and I’m definitely old enough that I shouldn’t be embarrassed but nevertheless, I will be red-cheeked.

So – just in case you’ve seen the show and contemplated getting the books, I say GO FOR IT! The books are amazing and you’ll see so much more depth to the characters and so many more plots unfold (that actually make sense, unlike the whole Tara thing in Season 1 – blech).

One thought on “Sookie Books are Better Than True Blood

  1. mmariluh says:

    I absolutely agree 100%. I got the series for christmas from my husband (who by the way, actually wrote on the card that he “hoped I wasn’t going to go crazy over those books – like with Twilight” – My poor husband, little did he know!).

    I’m SO glad I read the books, they are definitely better than the series. Though, I must admit that the series has grown on me. And, in my mind, I’ve been able to separate the two.

    Ok, so I’m rambling… I will keep reading your blog. Because, as you said, I can’t believe how much we have in common! 🙂

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