Terminal Vacation

DH, Pineapple and I just returned from a vacay in Louisiana – visiting family. I would like to officially proclaim that visiting family is not a vacation. Unless you are meeting your family at a vacation destination (I highly recommend ANY of the “Couples” or “Beaches” resorts), then it’s just not a vacation…it’s an extended family reunion. Don’t get me wrong, we LOVED the time we spent visiting, hanging out on the lake, eating incredible meals, etc. but when there is a wee one involved, family can get demanding!

Family pulling from each direction aside, we had a great time and the Pineapple got to spend some major quality time with her Nana and PapaR as well as her Aunt Queen, Big G, ADQ and various and sundry cousins. She also achieved a few major milestones…one of them being that she crawled. OK, sorta. She SORTA crawled. OK to be fair I’ve been saying that she’s “sorta crawled” for a while but those were really more like a “scoot/roll” combo whereas this could only be described as an army crawl. Seriously! OK, OK, OK – it’s just a few days away, though! She also started grabbing her food bites with her thumb and forefinger (much more dainty than the raking motion combined with licking her entire arm to gather the Puffs). Another biggie – she got in a swimming pool for the very first time…and she LOVED it! We bought this fabulous floatie from Target and she just enjoyed the heck out of it! She was kicking her tiny legs and squealing the whole time. It was adorable, to say the least.

But honestly, the most fun I had with the Pineapple was in the Denver, CO airport. We were delayed (due to a tornado that hit the area 45 mins before we landed) and had a lot of impromptu free-time on our hands. DH was stuck in a chair because of a vacay injury (don’t ask) and I was solely responsible for the Pineapple….what to do? what to do? After feeding her and cleaning her, I found some fairly interesting things in the airport to entertain her.

First was a set of those “rapid tracks” – at least that’s what I call them – that help you walk super fast through the airport…there were two set in opposite directions right next to the Frontier gate we were waiting at, so I took the Pineapple on several of “rides.” Her tiny hands gripped my fingers as she balanced on the track and raced past all of the people lining the glass wall – many of whom were delighted to see my adorable Pineapple pass by, squealing in delight (she brought joy into their otherwise miserable layovers, I assure you). We made these roundabout laps repeatedly – DH informed me that he could hear her squealing from one end to the other.

Second was a pretty neat sign next to the food court. It was cylindrical and the message spun within the backlit tube. This particular sign had something about a checking account with some bank (clearly their message was lost on me) but best of all, it had a giant tortoise. We stood and watched the turtle come around and waved “hello Mr. Turtle” and “goodbye Mr. Turtle” and then pondered “where did he go?” for quite some time. Thank you to whoever the marketing firm was that developed that wonderful diversion for the nameless bank! Another sign hit was the Frontier snowfox – it winked!

Lastly, there are FABULOUS mirrors over the changing tables in the Denver airport!!! After a thorough wipe-down with sanitizing cloths (yes, I am THAT anal), Pineapple had a wonderul time staring at herself, admiring her undeniable cuteness, and practicing her wave (HELLO PA!). We visited often – I’m certain other passengers thought I was either having some serious bowel problems or that I was tirelessly washing my hands (I like to think the best was assumed).

It’s so funny to me that out of the whole trip, I truly felt that I experienced the most quality time during a forced pitstop in an airport terminal. DH got to sit and read, feed the Pineapple and I got to run her up and down and play with her to her little heart’s content. Talk about making lemonade – and mmmm, mmmm, mmmmm…it was GOOD.

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