that a tugboat?! WHOOPS just crapped my pants.

I had the pleasure of visiting with some friends over lunch yesterday to hear all of the tales about my pal @luckychristi’s recent trip to China. It was such an interesting conversation and there were so many topics for discussion. But one particular topic has been plaguing me since our get together…


It concerns what she explained to be the diapering system employed by some parents. Apparently, the children wear “split pants” so that they can just go potty wherever and whenever they want. Yes, this is what I took away from the luncheon because I am three and focus on THE MOST IMPORTANT aspects of every conversation – but I digress. So the kids wear these pants and my friend mentioned that in order to potty train the children the mothers will make a “low whistle” sound to indicate that NOW is the time to do their business. This is very disconcerting for me. And as with most things in life, I began thinking of this concept in relation to my Pineapple.


Would this doom her to a life of never living by a bay? I mean, the foghorn could loosen her bowels quicker than some Jamba Juice with a free cleanser boost! And what about a train in the distance?! OMG, she could never travel by rail car! Tragedy. Even worse…a deep bass. I can see it now…Pineapple is 21 and visiting the local Senor Frog’s on Spring Break in Cabo and they turn up the bass….brings a WHOLE new meaning to foam party….ew. Yep…I’m gonna stick to the dipes. Yes, they are pollutants (unless you use cloth diapers and GOOD ON YOU if you do!). Yes, they mush the nasty stuff all up on her tender areas. But in the grand scheme of things…I think she’ll thank me later when she doesn’t crap her pants when the cute boy walks by her at school…whistling a tune.



POST UPDATE: My friend @luckychristi, has informed me that it is not actually a “whistle” but a special noise the mothers make. She also says that the children are “potty trained” much earlier as a result…kind of like how infants can use sign language much earlier than they can speak – which is v. cool. And brings to mind a Q…is there a sign language element that assists in potty training or that could help us catch up with the folks in China? I for one would LOVE to have a potty trained Pineapple well before schedule! Just a thought.

2 thoughts on “ that a tugboat?! WHOOPS just crapped my pants.

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