I think this Pineapple has gone bad.

The other evening, my husband and I were sitting quietly in the living room listening to our sweet, adorable Pineapple scream, laugh and kick the rails of her crib – thereby kicking the wall and making a terrible racket. My husband turned to me and said in a very serious tone…”I think the Pineapple is rotten.” After considering for a moment (emphasized by several kicks, a few babbles and one glass shattering scream) I had to agree.

But what do you do with a 10 month-old rotten Pineapple? Time out is not possible and spanking is out of the question (especially given that when I jokingly turned her over my knee and patted her hiney she giggled and pointed at me – clearly she could see I wasn’t serious). How do you explain to such a wee PA that she must be quiet, settle down and (fingers crossed) go to sleep?

Complicating the issue is that the more exhausted she becomes, the more out of control she gets. The level of her furvor to avoid naps and bedtimes increases exponentially as she gets sleepier and sleepier. So as we are reaching our wits’ end, she reaches a boiling point of bad behavior. And believe me, we’ve tried everything.

We do the warm, lavender baths. We try warm milk (aka soy formula) right before bed. I rock her and sing/hum to her and cuddle her just so. Her response about 50% of the time is to scratch at me – I currently have scabs on my face and chest where her tiny nails have wreaked havoc on my skin. Of course, she has no idea she is hurting me, she’s just grabbing on to me and doesn’t realize that it is often painful.

I know that all children struggle with napping/sleeping at some point during their infany and childhood but I just don’t know what we should do about it. That Ferber guy says that we should just let her cry…I don’t think he understands my kid. The more we let her “cry it out” the more frantic she becomes. It has the polar opposite effect on her. He actually says that some kids just need to wind down by crying…not Pineapple. If anything, it gets her going!

So…now, it’s early afternoon. Pineapple didn’t go down for her morning nap until 11:30 – and to keep her at least close to schedule, we had to wake her at 12:45. She was fine with that – especially when we gave her lunch – but I’m dreading the afternoon nap.

I know this is just part of it. And I know my husband and I can take whatever she dishes out. But I have to admit…I’m getting worried about the furniture.

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