OhMyBlog!!! (a *sleepy* BlogHer 09 editorial)

So, everyone is talking about their BlogHer 09 experiences and I thought I’d share some of mine but you’ll have to forgive me if this post is less energetic than most…I feel like I’m sleepwalking today and just typing is a struggle (guess that new jumprope I bought won’t be used anytime soon…).

So BlogHer was AWESOME. I was able to go because of work – for those of you I met there, you already know that I was able to attend because of my “jobby job” and a certain suite I was working my PR hiney off in – but while there, I was able to meet some of the amazing ladies I follow via blog in person. This group of gals is truly inspirational and I saw some acts of kindness, thoughtfulness and some things that, unfortunately, just aren’t worth writing home about. So here are some highlights because honestly, I just don’t have the energy for the nasty today…

I WON THE MOTOROLA KARMA PHONE! WOOT!!! You have no idea how much I wanted that phone! And even though @mochamomma told me I worked hard for that phone and totally earned it, DH is now toting it around and sending me sappy love messages from it. I know, I know…but I can’t access my work email with it and for me, that is a must! Plus, he has been using my old, nasty hand-me-down phone for 2 years now…he deserved an upgrade. And he LOVES it! He’s thrilled and was excited to learn that he could update his FB page with the phone because of all the awesome social media features. He also agreed to clean 2 poopy diapers to every 1 I clean as “payment”….um… SOLD!

@designmom is so cool. She is the neatest lady and she makes the neatest totes – I got the best one, IMHO, which says “Oh My Blog!” and was the reason for this post’s title. She rules. I dare anyone to say otherwise. (And for that matter, I personally believe the Kirtsy gals rock all the way around.)

I met @motherbumper and @redneckmommy and @redneckmommy said I was beautiful!!! Aside from the fact that she was clearly exhausted from the parties and her eyesight was no doubt suffering, OMG… that’s all. Just OMG.

I heard there was a nudist…didn’t get to see said naked person but I heard from reputable sources that she was there. So random and cool.

I’d never been to Chicago and while I didn’t get to see a lot of the city, I did go to two AMAZING sushi restaurants…Sushi Samba and Japonaise. Both places have wonderful food but I liked Sushi Samba just a wee bit more than Japonaise. The blend of Brazillian and sushi was just so super yummy…uhhh…mouth watering just thinking about it!

I got to connect with some ladies from back home – not PDX (which for those of you who don’t know is Louisiana) – namely @cajun_mama and @parentopiadevra. Ah, those southern twangs…Those visits combined with the exhaustion brought mine back in FULL FORCE! (Much to DH’s delight!)

The photobooth at the Mommy Needs a Cocktail party was so much fun! I wore viking lady gear and the gals in my group and I were barely able to stop giggling long enough for them to snap a “sexy” pose…and I use the word sexy LOOSELY.

Met @babyblooze and I think I may have found my new conference bestie…hopefully she won’t mind me saying that. She’s so nice and she has the same passion for whining, fit-throwing, crying wee ones that I do…now, I just can’t wait for the “sad santa” pictures to start posting this Christmas! LOL! Visit her site at www.babyblooze.com.

I really loved the blogging goddesses who did NOT have entourages…you know who you are…and YOU RULE! Made it so easy for us “lowly” newbies to walk up and say hi without feeling awkward. Worth noting… @thebloggess and @mochamomma.

But my fave moment of the whole entire trip/conference/madness was the brief break my friend @kristaU and I took to walk outside down the riverwalk, barefoot, to the big fountain and dip our sore, hurting, swollen, hot toes in the cool, cool water and discuss the amazing experience this conference provided.

Following the estrogen-fest that was BlogHer 09, I feel compelled to make this statement: To any ladies reading this post…even if you WERE NOT at BlogHer…you are all my heroes – as women, wives, mothers, and writers – and I hope to see/meet all of you in person someday!

Happy Blogging!

3 thoughts on “OhMyBlog!!! (a *sleepy* BlogHer 09 editorial)

  1. This is probably the most positive post I’ve read so far. After hearing about the crazy women I’ve been debating whether or not I even want to go to a Blogher event. You made people sound a little more normal!

    • Hi Mama Kat – I’m glad I could help! I thought the event was a wonderful opportunity for women to get together and learn more about how to virtually connect with the audiences they want to reach – it was also a great chance to meet women we only know as “TheBlogess” or “Redneck Mommy” in real life (these people are real – it’s AMAZING!). And in my humble opinion, the best connections were made in corner sofas where discussions about branding blogs occurred, or in quiet, impromptu meetings where ladies were able to share personal stories and thoughts. I met The Blogess. And she boosted her “hero” rating in my mind because we were discussing her wig collection and she said “you have to do whatever makes you feel comfortable and good” and I thought…that’s just about right. : )

      And if you’ve seen the awful Crocs/blackmail story let me just share my friend’s response to that…”he says that Crocs ‘nailed’ this event…and I don’t even remember seeing him there! haha!”

  2. I’m SO flattered you mentioned me AND said I’m your conference bestie – you rock! I WAS going to give you a hard time about giving the Karma phone to your hubs 😉 but now I will resist. hahah

    I hope we can connect again at another event very soon!!! Keep me posted.

    And I’ll be getting the Pineapple up on babyblooze very soon… I’ll DM you when I do!

    All the best,
    Liz aka @babyblooze

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