Pineapple for Posterity’s Sake

Well, if this post doesn’t prove it, I don’t know what will….I am a lazy mom. There, I said it. Out loud and for the world to hear. I have about 10 hours of video and 500 pics just sitting on my camera/phone and cannot take the ENORMOUS (i.e. minimal) amount of time necessary to download them. La-zy. I also cannot take the time it would require to get out the ginormous (i.e. dismally thin) baby book I’ve been compiling (i.e. not writing in) for Pineapple and provide some updates. So given this ridiculous level of lazy, I’m just going to post some interesting Pineapple tidbits here – you know, for posterity’s sake.

So I’m pretty sure I posted a while back that Pineapple gives “kisses.” A few weeks ago, these kisses took the form of an open mouth held over whatever other person’s mouth/cheek/nose area she felt like smooching. Lately, these kisses have developed some tongue. Rather than opening her mouth and then grinning broadly after delivering her “kiss,” Pineapple now sticks her tongue out, provides a slobbery lick, and then turns away as if she can’t be bothered. DH and I have some theories…she’s either making some interesting friends at daycare or she thinks the way the dog kisses is best. We’re moving forward with the dog theory (although it should be known that I did check at daycare – they noticed it, too). Ah, my odd baby. How I love her so.

Pineapple can pull up from a seated position! YAHOO!!! She’s sooo big! She reaches right up and pulls soooo very hard – and <POP!> up she goes! YAY! *big claps*! Oh…wait, what’s that?…Oh, you’re going to do it again…OK – my, my, my – aren’t you BIG?! *grin* <POP!> YAAAAY!!!! *big claps!* Oh…again? OK – aren’t you getting tired, though? No?…<POP!> YAY!!! *big claps!*…not again….can you do it on your own??? No? I need to watch or you’ll cry?…OK…<POP!> Yay! *claps*…oh. for. the. love….<POP!> *claps*…OK, seriously…You’re awesome but <POP!> Oh good – *sigh* now she’s just clapping for herself – WHEW! dodged that bullet.

Pineapple likes to eat. A lot. She’s an eater, which is a super good thing given that she’s a thin kid – but the problem is, she doesn’t want to be fed….she wants to feed herself…and she hasn’t quite mastered this skill yet. She also mostly wants to eat processed crap. She will literally tight-lip the spoon in order to prevent fresh, organic, tasty food she is being fed from entering her hallowed mouth. However, she will shovel in BY THE FISTFUL globs of “Chicken Sticks” and “Turkey Sticks” (have you seen these foul things? Vienna sausages for babies…YUUUUUM). We try to sneak in corn, peas, carrots and broccoli whenever possible but she favors the sticks, Puffs, and whatever we’re eating that she can reach. At least she won’t go hungry, right? But I can’t help but feel like a bit of a bad mommy for allowing her to eat this crapola…oooh, I KNOW! We’ll blame DH. It’s HIS fault *points finger.* Shame, shame, shame.

So other little “milestones” worth mentioning (for later, when I actually do update her baby book):

  • She understands clapping but her clap mostly consists of gripping her hands together and raising them up and down ala a “we are the champions” kinda move.
  • She knows where noses and eyes are…though she gets them confused sometimes. She repeatedly pointed to and kissed bear’s nose this morning – she did the same with his eyes when prompted…but she sort of “intermingled” them – I’m giving her points for not kissing bear’s belly and actually aiming for the face.
  • She likes to dance/jump. It’s awesomely cute.
  • She feeds herself a bottle – VERY handy when I’m trying to get ready for work. I can prop her on a pillow on the floor, hand over the “bobbie” and she goes to town. This is one of those good things about getting bigger.
  • She gets into EVERYTHING. This morning, DH asked me, as I exited the closet to grab something from the bedroom, “where is Pineapple?” Me: “She’s in the closet eating fingernail polish.” DH: “Well, that doesn’t sound promising.” Me: “Oh, she can’t get the lids off – and she likes the colors – and they clack together nicely.” DH: “oooookay.”
  • She really likes ACTUAL pictures of animals. Not the funky cartoon kind (boooo!) she like REAL animal pictures – so she has lots of fun with books and posters and the Discovery Channel. Lots of oooohing, and ahhhhing.
  • This morning, she sneezed 3 times…and after each sneeze, she said “a da” – which I am interpreting as “bless you.” She. Is. Amazing.

Happy Friday!

UPDATE: DH was kind enough to point out one more little thing that Pineapple is doing which I need to include in this list:

  • She is extraordinarily independent and does not like to be spoon fed – she prefers to eat food her ownself with her own chubsy little fingers. Soooooo, if we are insane enough to try to spoon feed her food, she will simply spit it back out into her hand and then put it back in her mouth. Yuck. And damn – I’m afraid we might be in for it when she hits her teen years.

3 thoughts on “Pineapple for Posterity’s Sake

  1. Thanks for your entry in my giveaway…I was looking over your blog and your funny!

    AND, I’m totally jealous you about Blogher….I’m afraid of planes, well…long flights anyway! Anything over an hour is TOOOO long!

    • Thanks, Kristin! I really have fun writing my blog – hopefully one day, after countless hours of much-needed therapy, Pineapple will be able to forgive me for sharing her little stories with the world (i.e. those few people who follow my blog ; ).
      BlogHer was a blast! It’s in NYC next year – maybe that would be closer for you??? And while I’m not afraid of flying, looong flights are not my fave – so I feel ya!

  2. HAHA! I never did a baby book for either kid. But my backup plan was to do a family blog (it’s soooo “web 1.0” I’m embarassed by it) until I had time to do the baby books. I dutifully kept it up from May 2005 until (gulp) March of this year. So my backup plan needs a backup 😦

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