I Don’t WANT to be Wordless!

I want to say stuff!

This past weekend we had DH’s family staying with us…that included my PIL (parents-in-law), SIL (sister-in-law), SIL’s BF, and their 2 kiddos (ages 7 & 9). Our house would not, by any means, fall into the “large” category (have you SEEN the housing prices in the PDX area???? un-believable – particularly to a gal from good old Louisiana). I would categorize our house as “modest” with 3 bedrooms (2 rather small more office-ish areas and 1 master) a living area, kitchen and a garage. It’s a great house – I love it, though it needs some work – and I enjoy living there. Add 6 extra people and stir though, and it gets sorta tiny. But I must say, I think we all fit in there nicely and we enjoyed each other’s company.

For me, it was sort of fun to hear the kids scrambling around upstairs in Pineapple’s room (which is where they stayed with their parents). I kept thinking to myself that this is what it will sound like one day when she’s old enough to get up and play before we are out of bed (her room is directly above ours). And it was fun to creep upstairs at the ass crack of dawn (Pineapple’s usual wake-up time) and find Grandparents chatting quietly on the couch with a full pot off coffee already brewed. It was even nice to have my SIL steal my clothes and change her outfits 80 times (and if you’re reading this dear SIL, that brown top BETTER be in my closet or you’re gonna get it – kisses!). Even better were the random things I overheard, or heard tell of, my family saying over the weekend. Following are some highlights, IMHO* (in my humble opinion), from their visit:

  • “I think T should get the cat – they deserve each other.” – Grandma talking about niece (T, 7yrs) as she half carried/half strangled our OBNOXIOUS (anybody want a cat?) cat across the living room.
  • “They stole our frijoles!!!…in a muy muy soft voice…Skippito…etc.” – Me reading SkippyJonJones to my niece and nephew.
  • “Our tee time is at 7:10 and it will take about 20 minutes to get there; so I think we need to leave the house by 6:20.” – DH. “*blank stare*” – SIL’s BF upon realizing two things: 1. DH apparently can’t do math, and 2. this was eerily close to his work schedule and not cool.
  • “I don’t know what it is about this color but it is really making me want to throw up.” – K (nephew, 9yrs) upon entering Starbucks – we think he may have had a mild concussion at this point.
  • “K, do you want a hamburger or a hotdog?” – Grandpa asking K  what he would prefer for dinner – thank HEAVEN he said burger because we didn’t even have hotdogs.
  • “Hey K, pretend my hand is a puppet.” – (overheard by Grandma) Whispered in the dark by T to her brother, K, while they were supposed to be going to sleep after hearing the amazingly well-read SkippyJonJones. (Grandma claims to have then seen a shadow hand flailing on a wall while little “yip yippee yipittos” were whispered.)
  • “I think we would be doing a lot better right now if we just had a bloody mary – or 2.” – Spoken by me as SIL and I attempted to get our clothes shopping excursion on the road but were thwarted by our search for school supplies and makeup.
  • “Can I feed Pineapple that food?” – T.  “Not right now, honey – she’s really grumpy and she doesn’t like to eat spoon food anymore so I need to just get it in her.” – me.  “Can I just try?” – T.  “I’m sorry sweetie but I’m in a rush. You can try to give her a bottle later.” – me.  “OK…but can I try that food right now???” – T.  “T! STOP ASKING HER IF YOU CAN FEED PINEAPPLE! SHE HAS TOLD YOU WHAT YOU CAN DO! DO NOT ASK AGAIN!” – SIL shouting from the bathroom. “OK…..so can I feed her the bottle now?” – T.  “*SIGH*” – me & SIL.
  • “All of the pink pearl erasers are gone – I don’t understand why they can’t just have one of these cool ones with designs or sushi erasers…is the pink pearl eraser magic?!” – Spoken by me as I became frustrated by our hunt for school supplies.
  • “How did you get blood, soy sauce, and raspberry cobbler on that dress in under 2 hours?!” – Spoken by SIL to T. I was later informed that they had only pulled out of the driveway when T scraped a scab on her arm, smearing blood all over her adorable new, white linen, school dress that she’d owned for less than 24 hrs.
  • “Wait, wait…are those REAL creatures?” – Grandma asking about the Kith and Kin in the Trafalgar True story I was reading to her and the kids. “Are you kidding me with that question right now, Grandma? It’s about a flying dragon and a piece of the sun that the little critters throw vines over to move around…you’re not serious.” – Me, flabbergasted. “Well, I’ve had champagne!” – Grandma, in her defence.
  • I can’t even wear white – I think it’s asking a lot for a 7 year-old to not spill on it.” – DH referring to T’s disheveled appearance.
  • “Are you sure you know how to play Call of Duty? Are you sure? Raise your hand and swear and then you can have a turn after I show you how to play.” – DH NOT sharing his game with his 9 year-old nephew because he is obsessed with that stupid thing – I swear, it is going in the trash.
  • “I swear that is the loudest baby I have ever heard. If she keeps snoring, I think we should make her sleep outside.” – Grandma talking about T’s new baby doll (not Pineapple) which seriously snores louder than DH – which is saying a LOT.
  • “Pineapple doesn’t like me anymore.” – SIL.  “No, that’s not it – it’s that she thinks you abandoned her because you haven’t been to see her in months and she’s scared to trust you again for fear that you will just leave.” – DH responding to SIL.   “*GASP!* But I brought her clothes!” – SIL. (They are brother and sister – this is expected.)

So, as you can see, we had an eventful and fun weekend. We really do not get to see DH’s family enough. They live about 5 hours away and though that may not seem like much to many, it is a long drive when you’re trying to go for just the weekend. They were in town for a big family BBQ at DH’s aunt’s house across town. It was a lovely event – and there were even more interesting comments made there – but I limited it to those heard only between our little group. I think there are enough.

2 thoughts on “I Don’t WANT to be Wordless!

  1. Too funny! Family gatherings sure do provide good blog material, don’t they? BTW, we love that Skippyjon Jones book! My son’s always asking me if I want some mice & beans.

    • It’s such a funny book – and I promised to read it “with the accent” and I feel like I delivered. : ) The kids and grandma couldn’t stop giggling and DH even commented on how much fun we seemed to be having during “bedtime book” time. Although I always say I am enjoying every single stage of little Pineapple, I am looking forward to the days of reading the books and having her “get it” (right now she just sort of stares at me or plays with a toy while I read) and I’m also REALLY looking forward to back-to-school shopping! I loved it as a kid and it was so fun getting supplies on Sunday!

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