Really?! Duuuude….

This morning I stopped at SBux (yes – SBux) to support my overly developed caffeine habit and saw something I didn’t need to see. As I pulled in and parked in front of the big, picture window, I noticed a nicely dressed gentleman sitting at a table alone, reading the paper. Before shutting off my headlights, this fellow was trapped in a “spotlight” of sorts. So to say that I was a wee bit taken aback when he began picking his nose with fervor would be an understatement. This action prompted me to have the following “conversation” with him – from the safety of my car, of course:

Ew – dude – didn’t your mom ever tell you not to pick your nose? A snappin’ turtle lives in there for cheese-n-rice sake!

Ugh – so you’re just gonna keep on diggin…WHOA! In your MOUTH?!

Did you SERIOUSLY just put your nasty, nose-pickin’ finger IN YOUR MOUTH! In the coffee shop!?


ou are nasty dude…ah – back for seconds. *SHUDDER*

Happy Tuesday, Peeps. It’s a “pickin’ and a-grinnin’ kind of day.”

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