Random Thoughts Thursday

Some random thoughts I’ve been having…thought I would share…because it’s Thursday….duh….you’re welcome.

  • Starting to think that Sid the Science Kid is filmed/shot/whatever in Canada because on the episode this morning, during which the overly cheerful kids were studying birds’ nests, the teacher referred to a popsicle stick as a “frozen pop stick.” Have never heard that term…ergo, must be foreign…like from Canada. Ay.
  • Oh and STSK’s dad maaaay be crazy. Just sayin.’ I keep waiting for him to act like a nutjob in front of grandma and for her to kick his ass – cause she rules. Then Sid and the others could do a whole show on family conflict. Mwah-ah-ah. (Maybe this is why I don’t write kids’ shows.)
  • Oh – and sorry to continue the STSK theme but this needs to be said….Dear PBS, can you guys please rotate in some more dances for those kids…I have these memorized. Thanks! Pineapple’s Mom.
  • And speaking of, am PISSED OFF that PBS changed its lineup and has been showing some LAME show aimed at parents trying to teach their kids to read instead of Reading Rainbow. I don’t want that show at 6:30AM – I want a bunch of badly dressed children telling my infant all about some obscure book that they loved and why! Damn it!
  • Starting your day with a visit to the dentists sucks. And I did it twice this week.
  • Following up your dentist appointment with a grande sugar-free vanilla, soy latte and a pumpkin scone (in order to blow the whole “sugar-free” drink out of the water) is an dollar investment. I deem it so.
  • Pineapple is big. She used to be little. While I’m grateful that she’s growing and healthy, I’m sad cause it means she’s not teensy anymore. (And this is honestly a whole other post – which will appear tomorrow on the occasion of Pinapple’s first birthday.)
  • Pineapple is GRUMPY! She doesn’t get her way, and she goes all limp noodle. WTF is THAT about?! Have a distinct feeling that she will become comfortable in corners. We shall see.
  • I’m exhausted. I’m so freakin’ tired and exhausted and just done. So I’m super thankful that today is my Friday. HOORAY! (Funny side note – told the S-bux – yes, s-bux, get over it – barista this morning to have a good weekend. I bet she had a chuckle at my immenent disappointment. Well, jokes on her! HAHAHAAhahahhaaa…yeah, that’s all me.)
  • Swine flu scares me. And the fact that flu season is already going in PDX and we won’t have vaccinations until October is terrifying. I could care less if I get swine flu…but Pineapple is an entirely different matter. And I feel silly for this fear because nobody around me seems to be as worried. *sigh*
  • I still find the Lada Gaga thing shocking. (If you don’t know what I’m talking about, then Google it – I can’t post it here because my dad reads this site, likes her music – he is soooo funny! – and thinks she’s pretty..this would devistate his sense of machismo – and that would be tragic.) And I still love her and love her music and I seriously don’t get what the big deal is. I mean, seriously – who CARES?!
  • Why the hell is Michael Jackson not in the ground yet? Anybody? U-huh…
  • Oh – and that chihuahua from the Taco Bell commercials died. Sad. Hopefully not from TB food because that would not be good…for me…not that I eat that stuff! Just would be bad.
  • Am beginning to realize that none of my concerns are serious. Not too upset about that.

OK – I could do this all day but I need to wrap up here. I am a very busy woman. Very. Busy. (LOL! HAHAHAhaha. No, seriously. Busy.)

Have a good one!

2 thoughts on “Random Thoughts Thursday

  1. Mr. Know it all says:

    Popsicle is a trademark owned by Unilever. I assume the show was just trying to get around that by saying frozen pop stick. That aside, it does seem like something a Canadian would say.

  2. I thought so too – although, I am from the south land and down there, we refer to all brown, carbonated beverages as “Coke” and all clear carbonated beverages as “7up” – at which point the server will inevitably say “we have Pepsi” and I would say “that works.” This drives DH utterly insane. As it should. My master plan is progressing nicely.

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