The title for this post seriously needs to be read by one of those “crazy car salesman” guys because this is an EVENT people!



This Saturday, I am conducting a garage sale with my stepmother. Do not ask what level of hell I’ve willingly chosen to enter by taking on this task as I’m sure we’re straddling the line somewhere around 7 & 8.

I have never done a garage sale. Never.

I was promoted to dive into this task last Sunday while at my dad and stepmom’s house. I was hanging out, enjoying some down time while the Pineapple and DH napped and my stepmom was busy elsewhere in the house, and I started really looking around. And…


Where in the H-E-Double-Hockey-Sticks did THAT thing come from?! And why do they have it actually inside of their home?!

As I turned around…GAH!!!!


*gasp* – *clutches chest*

You’ve got to be kidding me.

I called out to my stepmom – asking what the hell that thing was?! Her reponse: “a wolf head.” A wolf head, people. A resin, sculpted wolf head on a plackard of wood. Next to a painting of the New York City skyline. This called for drastic measures.

“We shall have a garage sale! And some Twifan will buy this wolf head! We shall have it this Saturday. And it will be glorious.” I proclaimed.

“Yay!” – stepmother, clapping hands.

“Oh crap.” – me when I realized what I’d just done.

So now, I’m in full clean out mode. I’ve got baby junk that is too small for Pineapple or obsolete because she really thinks that jumperoo is so two-thousand and late.

I’ll be working on this throughout the week and would LOVE any tips or advice any of you garage sale afficianados may have for me. All advice is welcome (and probably necessary at this point because I don’t even know where to get tags for this stuff *grimace*). Also, I’m sure I’ll have some fun pics and awesome garage sale stories…so that’s good…blog fodder. Am I right?!

**This probably doesn’t need to be said – but just in cases – we will NOT be providing gynecological services at our garage sale. Thank you. And ew.**

12 thoughts on “!!!SATURDAY!!**SATURDAY**!!SATURDAY!!!

    • How much change? And in what increments? If I price everything in $.25 and $1 increments…how many quarters do I need? This is all so confusing?! I’m freaking out a little!!!! A sharpie?! Oh yeah…those markers…got it….breathe…breathe…

  1. List your garage sale in Craigslist. There is a garage sale area. List as many items as possible that you are selling. People seem to be particularly interested in jewelry, books, games, video games, sports equipment, CDs, and DVDs. List the hours your sale will be open.

    Get up before the sun and have all of your stuff set up by 7 AM. If people come early, while you are setting up, don’t feel like you have to stop what you are doing to attend to them.

    Price things as cheaply as you can stand it and let it go for whatever someone wants to pay for it. My mom doesn’t want to let things go for lower than she priced them so she always has a lot of stuff leftover. I just want it out so I almost always take what people offer, with minimal haggling.

    Provide plastic shopping bags.

    Get change from the bank. I price everything in even dollars or $0.25 increments to make change easier.

    Have someone help you.

    Have a chair to sit in and a shady spot. For slow times.

    Have snacks and water outside with you.

    Have boxes ready to pack up unsold stuff so that you can cart off to your nearest donation center right after your garage sale.

    Use as many tables as you can instead of having stuff on the ground.

    • So many great tips! plastic bags…$.25 increments…snacks…thank you so much for all the wonderful advice!!! (Srsly – thank you. I’m totally lost here…don’t tell…this is just between you and me….but….I’m a garage sale virgin *said in a scratchy, whispery voice.*)

  2. You can buy colored dot stickers for pricing at Target. They even have ones with prices printed on them already. If you have stuff from more than one person, you can use a different color for each person.

    • Ah Maria – I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…you are my hero! *bursts into badly performed version of Bette Midler’s oh-so-famous-and-moving-from-that-one-movie-about-the-friend-who-dies-oh-yeah-BEACHES!-got-it-Beaches-damn-that-movie-was-sad-but-I-digress “Wind Beneath My Wings”*

  3. Dan says:

    Peeved Michelle made an important point – set things up early in the morning. There’s a lot of people (more than you’d expect) who get up at the butt crack of dawn just to be first to a yard sale. You’ll get more traffic in your first couple hours than you’ll get the rest of the day. Place an ad on Craig’s List or in the local paper (they do still print those, right?) so they know where to find you.

    On a fun note – My crazy uncle thought it was hillarious to display a cigar box covered with glued on seashells at every yard sale we had. He placed a $1000 price tag on it and would earnestly explain to anyone who would listen that this was a rare antique. No one ever bought it, but a lot of people spent a long time inspecting this special and rare artifact. Sometimes I think my uncle had yard sales just so he could display his seashell covered cigar box.

    Good luck with the sale.

  4. LOL! We’re taking part in a community yard sale on Sat. & I havent’ even STARTED pricing things yet! I never know what to charge. I mean, 10 cents is hardly worth the price of the sticker, you know? But too high & it won’t sell.

    We’re having the kids do a lemonade stand. Hoping to rope people in w/ their cute faces! Good luck on Sat. Report back!

    • I will also be shamelessly using my child to promote the “isn’t this toy cute” and “imagine your child here” mental images. Hopefully, it will work.

      @PeevedMichelle says to price things in $.25 & $1 increments. And @BOREDmommy says to bundle….I wonder if it would be bad to put a price tag on my garage sale sign that says “Take the whole lot home with you for $100.25? Might be more than I’ll get for sitting on my duff all day hawking my junk. OK, for some reason, that sounds bad…hmmmm….hmmm.

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