The Man With Infinite Patience

Every morning, DH and I grab Pineapple from her bed and we pile into ours for some snuggle, cuddle, hug and play family time before we all have to head out to work and daycare school. When this begins, we usually turn on PBS and let it play in the background.

Until recently, the show line up was Reading Rainbow at 6:30, Curious George at 7:00, and Sid The Science Kid (squee!) at 7:30. We were satisfied with this line up. Then they had to go and KILL Reading Rainbow! ugh. *pout* So we had to accept the fact that Between the Lions would now be on at 6:30. (OK, don’t tell….but I really, really like Between the Lions…I mean, Gawain’s Word?! Cliff hanger?!..priceless.Shhhhh.)

So the other day we were piled up on the bed and the Curious George intro began to play. I was happily singing along and shaking little Pineapple’s booty to the beat when DH said the most interesting thing:

DH: I don’t think the man with the yellow hat should be called “the man with the yellow hat”….I think he should be called “the man with infinite patience.”

Me: OK, I’ll bite – why is that?

DH: Are you kidding me?! George is a menace! I mean he broke some dude’s sailboat mast the other day! WTHell?! And he gets lost all the time. And the guy has to go find him. One day, I’d just be like “ohhhh…George is lost…ohhhh…hmmm…ok.” And then I’d go home and change my clothes and my hat and be “the man with the blue hat” and George would never be able to find me. And I’d just talk about how my poor monkey I used to have got lost.

Me: Wow. So you’d just abandon him because he’s difficult?

DH: Abandon my ass…that monkey is ALWAYS running away. I wouldn’t so much abandon him as just maybe not look quite so hard for him until I just sort of wasn’t really looking at all.

Me: But I think the man with the yellow hat kinda needs George. I mean, the yellow hat dude can’t be the brightest star in the sky if a monkey has to help him solve problems all the time. For example, a couple of weeks ago, the man with the yellow hat hurt his hands and George was the one that came up with the idea of taping things to the wrappings so that the guy could get things done. If George hadn’t thought of it, I’m pretty sure the yellow hat guy would still be sitting there whining about the fact that he couldn’t type on his computer.

DH: *blank stare* We watch too much children’s programming.

Me: Naaahhhh.

Pineapple: *blech* – spits up all over DH.  

Me: LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

10 thoughts on “The Man With Infinite Patience

  1. Dan says:

    1. Between the Lions is a crappy show. Then again, most kids programming sucks anyway. At least it isn’t Disney.

    2. The Man in the Yellow Hat must be related to the Skipper on Gilligan’s Island. If I were the Skipper (or dressed in a yellow hat) either Gilligan or the monkey would be dead by now.

    3. I think the Man in the Yellow Hat has issues. Why doesn’t he have a girlfriend? Why does he live with a monkey? Maybe this explains why George is always trying to run away.

    4. We usually watch some Dinosaur Train show in the morning. It is the best thing in the world for a little boy – trains AND dinosaurs. What more could you want?

  2. 1. You’re wrong.
    2. Agreed.
    3. He’s too busy – he has a monkey. And a house in the country. And an important job…WTHell does he do? It’s never clear…and he’s sorta seeing that Dr. lady…right? So many ambiguous subplots. It’s a rather complex show.
    4. You’re brining back discriminatory memories from my childhood – in kindergarten I always wanted to play with the Plymobil dinosaurs – I was told those were “boys toys.” So, I would adjust your statement to say “best thing in the world for kiddos/babies.” Also, I have to be out the door before DT comes on…plus, the commercials make me nutso. I miss Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood. It’s never on. *sigh*

    • Dan says:

      Here’s my laundry list of issues with Between the Lions:

      1. Fred the weird guy with white hair and a white T-shirt. I just think he is creepy.

      2. Gawain’s Word – Every time this comes on, I am struck with the thought that it would be very, very easy to make a parady video where they spell out a curse word or two. Then I get mad because I don’t know how to do video editing well enough to make my prank into reality.

      3. Cliff Hanger – The intro song is an ear worm. I can’t get it out of my head the rest of the day, even if I only overhear a note or two.

      4. The Between the Lions castle/house thing bothers me because it looks like the building has a face, which likely was the intent. But it still bugs me.

      5. Not that I expect good acting, but I laugh when the kids in the background of each shot are clearly not “pretending to be extras” and are instead watching every move of the puppeteers.

      • The only thing on Between the Lions so far that has super bugged me was the “b/d” song the other day…the dad lion was all 70’s Woodstocked out – and he was clearly supposed to be at least a little stoned – and he was singing the b/d song and I kept thinking “this is REALLY bAd” and then I looked at Pineapple and she was staring at it like she was going to start licking the screen. Didn’t dig it, needless to say.

        Oh – and when they make that surfer monkey wear the blonde wig…I think that’s just feeding into sterotypes – plus, he looks ridiculous.

  3. oh GAWWWD, we do watch too much children’s porgraming.
    Yesterday hubby and I talked about who we liked better on Sesame Street- Jack Black or Neil Patrick Harris. And if Baby Bear has a speech impediment, or just talks like that because he’s a baby. We have serious discussions about this sh*t while getting ready in the morning.

    My son just babbles and smiles. These questions don’t weigh as heavily on him.

    • I think DH has crossed the line. He keeps a running commentary on what the characters are probably actually like offset. They run the gammut from kindly little old ladies that probably have a well-rounded candy dish to crazy, dope pushing nymphomaniacs that would just as soon smack you as sell you some smack.

      I tend to think it’s more like that episode of Angel where the kids show characters are sucking the life force out of children – and Angel goes to the studio and they turn him into a puppet – hilarity ensues. I’ve seen Barney. I think I’m right.

  4. Who knew Curious George could be such a conversation starter?

    I can’t stop laughing at what Mortified said about the lady on the Baby Einstein videos!!! That is hilarious!!!

    • CG is a total conversation starter. The worst is that I find myself making references to his antics when I’m with my kidless friends – i.e. we’ll be chatting about some fun excursion one of them recently had and I will relate it to a CG episode…like when he gets on the raft and rides down the stream, or when he hops off the bus and the man with the yellow hat tells the cabbie to follow that bus/monkey/with the briefcase! I get a lot of blank stares. Lawd – I need some adult programming STAT!

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