The Casting Couch…Join me! It’s SUPER comfy!

I’m going to be a casting agent.

Not really. But I think I would RULE at it. I’ve deduced this as a result of a conversation I had with a pal of mine recently during which we were playing the “if I were a casting agent, I would pick _____ to play the role of ____” game. And I ruled.

The book – soon to be a movie – in question? Stephenie Meyer’s The Host. I really enjoyed this book. I read it as soon as it came out and though it was a far cry from my vampire love, it was really very appealing. I don’t want to give any of the juicy goodness away so I’ll just encourage you to read it and provide you with my recommendations for the lead characters.

SIDE NOTE: Hello Hollywood – I would be happy to cast all of your films going forward. I think I would be good. So does my friend. And let’s face it. Anybody could do better than casting Megan Fox in the role of Mikayla (or however you spell it) in Transformers. Particularly opposite of Shia LaBouef who is totally dreamy but clearly about 15 years younger than Megan. If you believed her when she said she was 19 then you are seriously kidding yourself. Moving on….

For those of you (you poor, sad souls) who have not had the privelage of watching Firefly – by Joss Whedon, of course – then I would like to introduce you to Summer Glau:

Summer Glau

She will be playing the role of Melanie Stryder/The Wanderer. She USED to play the rold of the terminator on the Sarah Connor Chronicles, but I didn’t watch that because I was just all about the Dollhouse (Joss, I LOVE YOU!). She would be excellent in this role because she’s a little odd looking – which adds to her pretty, IMHO – and she’s graceful and super tough/deadly. Love. Her.

The next character on the casting couch today is Jared “Can’t-Remember-His-Last-Name-If-There-Was-One” – Melanie aka The Wanderer’s boy toy. And befitting of a boy toy, we’re going with Taylor Kitsch:

Taylor Kitsch 1


Oh yeah – gig-it-ty! And for anybody who is unfamiliar with Taylor, I encourage you to go out and BUY (not rent) The Covenant. It’s a cheesy teen flick about boy witches – warlocks, I guess – but WHO CARES! They have a shower scene and a friggin’ SWIM MEET!!!! And this is all totally legal to say because they were well over the age of consent when filming occurred…I think…aw crap. Get it anyway. I wasn’t planning to run for president, so who cares?! (I couldn’t even if I wanted to because my dear sister has saved the videos I sent her on my phone of me and my 30+ year old friends watching The Covenant in the theater…I recorded the swim meet scene (because OMG) and it’s just video with me giggling like a 5 year-old in the background. Totally pathetic.)

OK – I guess I should give you a better picture of his face so you can imagine him as Jared:

Like I said. Perfect, right?! He’d be excellent as a brooding, last-remaining human in love with a member of the invading alien horde. Donthca think?!

So, join me on the casting couch folks. It’s comfy – and we can totally push Summer off the edge.

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