Mini Post – Pineapple for Posterity’s Sake

Pineapple talks. I know, I know…she’s only 13 months old – but I’m telling you. I’ve birthed a genius.

Words Pineapple is currently saying: (OK – trying to say)
Up Please
Bottle Please

They actually sound like this: (in Pineapplease)
Tree = “tseeeeeeeeeeeeee”
Cat = “kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk”
Up Please = “upeeeeeeeees”
Bottle Please = “ba ba psssssssssssssss”
Mommy = “Ma Ma” (she actually said this for the 1st time tonight – Helllooooo Cloud Nine!!!)
Daddy = “Da Da” (she’s been saying this FOREVER – hello cloud seven)
Puppy = “pu pu”
Cup = “pup” (you would think she’d say this for puppy, but no – give her a break – she’s only 13 months)
Bird = “b” (OK – it’s a stretch)
Book = “b” (sound similar to ‘book’ but is TOTALLY different)

OK – gotta run – off to creat a projection chart for her next step…Harvard. Do NOT say I’m pushy. I’m not. So there.

6 thoughts on “Mini Post – Pineapple for Posterity’s Sake

  1. I’m trying to teach my son the word “falcon” because I just know he will say it wrong and make it sound like the F word. That would be a proud day indeed if I can ever get him to say it.

  2. rsmithgfd says:

    Congrats. I have a couple 12 year olds and a 7 year old. When you figure out how to make them shut up, please let me know. Thanks.

    • I find that a really loud noise will typicall shut Pineapple up if she’s in the midst of a screaming/shouting fit. I clap my hands or bang a door. Totally shuts her up. The 12 year olds and 7 year old may be more advanced….but you could give it a shot! 🙂

  3. look at u teaching her manners, you ambitious mom! “please” I would be happy if mine just articulated anything that sounded less “wildcat” and more ‘baby”.

    • LOL! I look at it this way, when you take a kid out in public it’s the equivilant of walking around with your skirt hem tucked into to your underwear…every little bit helps. And if I can get her to say something that even SOUNDS like manners as opposed to cursing, then I guess I’m doing well. 😉

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