“Daddy I Want to go to Vancouver NOOOOW!”

This is what Veruca Salt would have have requested of her daddy in lieu of a golden goose, if she knew what the Twilight movies were…and where the cast films…and cared at all about the Olympics.

Have you ever gotten information about a contest and thought “ooooooh, I totally want to win THAT!” Then you check out the fine print and realize that you can’t enter because of your day job and, therefore, your connection to the company? Yeah, me too.

So since I can’t enter, I thought I’d tell you about it – so you can enter.

The Microsoft Office team, with support from the U.S. Olympic Committee, recently launched a new contest to send two bloggers – one woman and one student – to the 2010 Winter Olympic Games in Vancouver BC.  The winners will use the latest Office technology to cover the games and will get a press pass allowing them access to areas normally off-limits – like press conferences with the athletes and the USA House where the athletes hang out.

 You can learn more about it and enter at www.OfficeWinterGames.com.

Now this is seriously cool and would be AWESOME to win. For multiple reasons. Aside from the PRIMARY reason that attending the Winter Olympics would be seriously cool (I was in Utah for the Winter Olympics years ago and it was sooooo neat – really), if you’re in Vancouver…you are ALSO where the Twilight gang films the movies!!! (SQUEEE!)

And you can go to all the places they hang! (According to OK!, Kristen and RPatz hang out in the Loose Moose – a dive bar – and the whole crew had dinner a couple of weeks ago at Players Steakhouse.) I don’t know if they’ll be there filming at that time…although Breaking Dawn IS scheduled for June, so it’s possible – but either way, you can geek out and take pics at all the places they hang! (Good God I am a total nerd/loser – it’s official – because I would TOTALLY do this.)

So, enter, get a free trip to the Olympics, and geek out all over Vancouver in a Twilight-y kinda way! Sounds like a win-win! *sigh*

UPDATE: OOPSIES! I meant to say that ECLIPSE is scheduled for June. Not Breaking Dawn. Gettin’ a leetle ahead of myself here. ; ) Thanks Sarah!

2 thoughts on ““Daddy I Want to go to Vancouver NOOOOW!”

  1. Sarah says:

    Don’t you mean Eclipse is scheduled for June 30th? Or have they already released the dates for Breaking Dawn as well and i’m behind?

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