I’m Glad My House Isn’t Clean

I feel like I do just a few things regularly in my day-to-day life. I work. I play and care for Pineapple. I spend time with Dh (not often enough). And I clean my house.

I was cleaning my house…again…on Saturday, and cursing the fact that it is ALWAYS messy. And never STAYS clean. And I’m SO SICK of doing laundry and putting away dishes and scrubbing tubs and sinks and vacuuming floors! AAAACK! Make it STOP!

… … … …but then…

I realized that I was actually glad my house was messy. I was thankful that it wasn’t clean. Why you might ask?

Because, this means that I have a DH. Yeah, he takes his clothes off and leaves them in the floor exactly 5 feet from the hamper. Every night. But that’s just it. EVERY night. He’s there. He loves us and he’s there. And that’s a good thing.

It also means I have a Pineapple. My sweet, precious, beloved Pineapple. So what if she throws her toys all over the house and her favorite pastime currently is emptying any cabinet or drawer she can open?! I’ll just pick it up and put it away – so she can have more fun later! She exists! And she’s MINE! (DH says ‘ours.’)

It means our pets are healthy and safe. So what if the dog eats his food outside of his dish – 3 pieces at a time? And so what if the damn cat repeatedly yowls outside the door to be let in and yowls inside the door to be let out? They make us laugh, smile and sometimes want to strangle them (DAMN CAT!) but they are members of our family and we love them.

It also means we have a home. We have shelter and warmth and food for our tummies when so many do not. So many are cold and hungry and tired. So what if our mortgage is outrageous and often a burden we are barely able to manage? We have a home and I am thankful.

It means I am healthy, alive and my body moves in ways I need it to. I can sweep the floor, wipe down the countertops, fold the laundry and hug Pineapple. I have two arms and two legs – eyes that see and ears that hear. I am blessed.

So, it’s me and you Mr. Mountain of Laundry. You’re going down. And then I’m taking a break to hug my family and tell them just how thankful I am.

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