The Vaccination Song! It’s FLU-tastic!


Last week, DH and I began to notice a theme in programming. Every single episode was about being healthy – eating right, brushing your teeth, sneezing into your elbow, and, most importantly, washing your hands. Every day Sid and his pals dance around, sing songs about, and investigate being healthy.

Today, they took it to a new level.

Today they actually sang ‘The Vaccination Song.’ I’m not at all kidding. And remember how the kids would say “Hey! There’s teacher Suzy!” and then Suzy would sing “It’s rug time – take a seat…” while the kids ran into the school-house and sat down? Well today, they said “There’s teacher Suzy!” then promptly ran over to the hand washing trough to run their hands under the water while singing their ABC’s.

Later in the show, Sid’s grandma, who is a nurse, came to school to give them a flu vaccination. That was when they sang “The Vaccination Song” which included lyrics like “it only hurts for a little bit” and “I’m doing my part” and “if I don’t get sick then I won’t get her sick.”

They pushed this episode out quicker than the CDC has been able to produce vaccinations! I understand that Obama declared the Swine Flu a national emergency last Friday night. That was scary. This show was absolutely terrifying. It’s like we’re being hit with the bubonic plague. I am scared to death. And for those parents who have kids that can understand the show…how do you explain to them that there just aren’t enough vaccinations to go around right now?!

If they are doing this hard-core press on kids, then as parents, what should we be doing? DH and I have had our seasonal flu vaccinations but swine flu vacs are not available. We’ve vaccinated Pineapple for both the seasonal and swine flu but is that enough? I think not.

Do they make face masks in 1 year-old sizes? Ones that they wouldn’t immediately remove? What if I get the swine flu?! I seriously spent about 30 minutes lying awake in the middle of the night last night wondering what would happen to Pineapple if DH and I contracted got the swine flu. This is some scary crap.

DH and I also had a disagreement this weekend about sanitary habits. We went out for a stroll in the neighborhood and stopped in the coffee shop for a drink. When we left, I squirted both of us with Purell. We then made our way down the street to the consignment shop. As we neared the area, I turned to DH and said “there is a play area in this store – Pineapple is not to play there or touch anything.” DH stared at me. When I asked why, he informed me that he didn’t think it was fair that Pineapple can’t play if she wants. My response? “Well, I dont’ think it’s fair that as her parents we would potentially risk her health by exposing her to germs that could cause her to become seriously ill – so she can’t touch anything in that play area!” I followed this declaration with more hand sanitizer for both of us and a hand wipe down with a wipey for Pineapple. (Mind you, we’d not even made it into the store yet and were still on the sidewalk, strolling.) DH stared again. When I asked why, he said that he didn’t think that was any kind of life for a Pineapple and informed me that I’m not just a ‘Helicopter Mom,’ I’m a military hybrid helicopter mom that shoots Purell from my automatic weapons.

Well, media…you win. I am terrified. I’ve completely changed my family’s way of life. Pineapple isn’t allowed to touch anything in public. My hands are cracked from all of the washing and sanitizing. We’re not participating in any Halloween activities this weekend for fear of contracting a virus. Happy now?! Are you?!

Oh – and where has all of this sanitation gotten me? I have a cold. A yucky one. And my throat itches. I officially hate germs, pigs and birds. In that order. And in my house? It’s WAR on germs. I’m just afraid that play time will be a casualty.

6 thoughts on “The Vaccination Song! It’s FLU-tastic!

  1. It is all very scary, isn’t it? I don’t know what to do. We can’t get the vaccine here, yet…and I work in a place where nobody, and I mean nobody, stays home when they’re sick.

    I’ve decided to stop paying attention to the media frenzy – I just can’t see driving myself crazy over it.

    • *sigh* I wish I had that ability. If I could have a superpower, I think I’d skip invisibility and flying and just have the ability to relax…Jamaican style. I’m the most high-strung super-worrier I know…hey – maybe that IS my super power! “SUPER WORRY” – here to worry about every possible problem/outcome/issue under the sun – so you don’t have to! ; ) LOL!

  2. Play??!!! There is no time for play when there is sanitizing to be done!
    My cracked hands are right up there with yours. After hubby got the swine, I’m even more of a fanatic. You kill those germs, helicopter mom!
    Hope you feel better soon.

    PS- added you to my blogroll, just cuz.

    • I’m so glad I’m not alone with my Purell addiction. I look at it like “sickness is inevitable but I can do my best to fight it off for Pineapple’s sake” and then I get sick all the time. 😛

      Thank you for the well wishes – and for the blogroll add! *SQUEE!*

    • How can anyone not be?! I seriously had a dream last night that I went to the Dr. to get some vaccinations and when I was leaving, came across the box of Swine Flu vacs and I stole some for my family…of course, in my dream I then went back, returned them and apologized (I have a HEALTHY sense of guilt for someone who isn’t even Catholic) but they gave them to me anyway. My paranoia is seeping into my sleep! *sigh*

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