What Scares YOU?

I am a worrier. I come by it naturally as my entire family is made up of high-functioning worry-holics. My entire life has been one big anxious ball of nervousness and speculation…”what if” is a family staple. But I never really knew what fear was until I had a kid.

My little sister told me when my nephew was born that she discovered what true fear was when her son was buckled into the car seat for the first time and they made their way from the hospital to the house. My understanding is that it was a ride frought with frantic requests to ‘slow down’ and ‘stay in the right lane’ and ‘maybe we shouldn’t be on the highway at all!

And I hated being pregnant. I know this isn’t a secret but what you may not know is that the #1 reason I hated it wasn’t the bloating/discomfort/nausea/ruination of my body…it was the fear. ‘WHAT IF?!’ And it has just carried over from birth – though I do work very hard to try and keep a relatively level head about things. I’ve even been known to quietly watch Pineapple stumble and fall then casually ask if she needs a hand or is OK (bear in mind, I’m holding my breath the entire time).

So now that we’ve gotten the usual parents’ nightmare kind of “what scares you” out of the way…let’s get down to the trick-or-treaty, smell-my-feety, Halloweeny fright! So, what SCARES you?! Is it ghosts? Vampires? Haunted houses? Wrinkles??? Turning into your mother?! (AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!)

I’ll tell you what scares me….The Exorcist. And Amityville Horror. And anything that falls in that vein of movie offering. My idea of hell is being forced to watch these movies over and over and over again. I’ve never actually watched The Exorcist but come on – we all know the story by now. Plus, do any of us really ever need to see someone throw up pea soup? As a parent, I feel as thought I see more than my fair share of vomit anyway!

And I’ve tried to watch Amityville Horror about a bazillion times…but I never get past the flies in the room with the priest. I did however watch a “true story” documentary on the History Channel about the family that really lived in that house…and HOLY CRAP! Did you know they were in a mental hospital for freakin’ YEARS after that?! *shudder*

Speaking of real – that The 4th Kind movie is currently freakin’ my chili. If you haven’t seen a preview yet, here you go:

See?! I bet you won’t be able to help yourself if you wake up in the night and glance over at the window, searching for an owl! FREAKY! And visiting Alaska? That is totally out now – despite the fact that my friend @kbookey is from there and says it’s a fine place to live and visit and assures me that she has never seen an alien.

Another movie I won’t be seeing?…Paranormal Activity.

Aside from the sinister, malevolent forces at work theme for this movie, the fact that it is a documentary style (meaning that some dude shakily wields a video camera for 2 freakin’ hours) makes it a no-go for me. I tried to see the Blair Witch Project – which from what I understand is very similar in nature to this film – twice. And both times, I had to leave the theater to barf due to motion sickness. In case you haven’t caught on from earlier posts, I have a problem with motion sickness.

So, given that I don’t want to watch anything that is ACTUALLY scary, what will DH and I be watching this Halloween night as we rest our old, worn-out butts on our comfy couch in front of the TV?…probably Ghostbusters. Or maybe House (that’s a GREAT one from my teen years – one of the few I was allowed to watch). Possibly Young Frankenstein.

DH disagrees…he says it’s SCARY or nothing!

We’ll see who wins…I’ll let you know on Monday.

P.S. For those of you who enjoy pics of my Pineapple, here’s some Halloween goodness for you. Have a SAFE and HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

From Camera - Oct 09 361

UPDATE: As promised, I’m sharing what we watched…it was a movie called The Signal. Basically, this signal goes out over the TV/cell phones/telephones that makes people crazy but they don’t think they’re crazy and so they start killing people. This would have been vetoed outright for gore purposes if not for the psychological angle in the write up. It as OK – not great by any means – but definitely messed with you a bit. Seemed a little “community theater-ish” – but I wasn’t TERRIFIED to say the least. Which is good. Then I watched the 1st part of Blood: The Last Vampire – and thought that was pretty good but I was tired so hit the hay. DH watched the whole thing and said it was really good. So that, is that.

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