I Gotta Feelin…

…that tonight’s gonna be a good night…that tonight’s gonna be a good night…that tonight’s gonna be a good, good night…*whimper.*

B.E.P. goodness aside, and despite the fact that tonight will most likely be a good night, what IS it about time alone that is bugging me?!

DH is enjoying an extended weekend with his bestie in Austin as they go golfing, attend a concert and hang out. (And if you think ‘bestie’ is not exactly the best word to use when referring to hetero men, I beg to differ – I peeked over DH’s shoulder yesterday and saw an email thread in which DH told his friend that he was ‘looking forward to some great memories this weekend’ and his friend informed him he was not gay. DH is a sap. Believe that. Moving on.)

Pineapple is spending the night with her grandparents, who after the 5th phone call last night wherein I explained, again, her sleeping/eating habits and preferences, informed me that this was their BONDING time and she would be fine. I know she’ll be fine! She’s slept over before, and they have a full bedroom JUST for her her. It has a crib, changing table and toy chest – heck, they even put a playhouse in their living room downstairs so she can enjoy it without going out in the rain! She will be fine! But will I?

I’m joining some friends for dinner at one of my fave PDX spots – Ping – and I’m sure I will enjoy the squid and sparkling sake but believe me when I say, I will be thinking of my little family counterparts the whole time.

When I get home, I’ll probably pop in a sappy girl movie – or watch one OnDemand – I’ve been dying to see The Proposal (because Holy Ryan Reynolds, Batman) and The Ugly Truth (because Rock me Amadeus Gerard Butler) but DH hasn’t been. So, girl movie watching will definitely take place – possibly with a nice glass of wine…hmmmm….And most likely, at some point, I’ll cry at some little emotional, romantic aspect that tugs at my heart strings in just the right way. And I’ll miss DH terribly.

And while DH and Pineapple will both be sleeping elsewhere tonight, I will sleep in my bed without DH snoring (like a runaway freight train covered in chainsaws – I SWEAR!) next to me or Pineapple deciding that 3AM is the PERFECT play time. I will get a very nice night of restful, uninterrupted sleep. And coincidentally, this will be my first time sleeping in my very own bed all alone since Pineapple was born.

Then I will wake up at the butt crack of dawn to go get Pineapple and will think of DH the entire time.

So yeah – alone time is a good thing – and I need it. It’s important. But geez…these people are my life. When they are there, I crave alone time. But when they’re gone…all Iwant is a group hug and Pineapple kisses. *sigh* I am just impossible to please. And possibly, just maybe…a total sap.

P.S. What I will VALIANTLY try not to do is think of owls outside my window at 3:33AM…CURSE YOU SCARY MOVIE MANUFACTURERS!

6 thoughts on “I Gotta Feelin…

    • LOL! Mozeltov and lahaem!!!

      For those of you that do not hang on my EVERY Twitter word (please Lord do NOT hang on my every Twitter word – if for some unimagineable reason you were tempted), Melistress and I are flabbergasted by the B.E.P.’s vernacular in the “I Gotta Feelin” song. Listen to it again – closely – if you’re not sure what I’m talking about. ; )

  1. I guarantee you will wake up at 3 am out of habit (and may even imagine that you hear Pineapple crying).

    Good luck with that “getting a good night’s sleep” thing.

    • I KNOW, right?! *sigh* I seriously wake up all night just to check her breathing…still – good grief, I am lame. I’m sure I’ll be awake all night wishing I could drive to my parents’ house and peek at her. But I’m really gonna try…to have a good night…and as Melistress says…it may involve a wee bit more DRANKin’ than I intended to ensure that I am solidly OUT at 3AM. ; )

      P.S. – wanna join us for dinner at Ping? : ) I know you’re in PDX.

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