Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?


Consider this a swine flu hiatus. Fever all week. Coughing. Can’t breathe. Absolutely miserable. I would not wish this on anyone. And FYI, doctors refuse to swab for it. It’s to pervasive. And there’s not a lot they can do to help. At this point, I’m just hoping I don’t develop pneumonia – even though I’m pretty sure I at least have bronchitis or something.

So far, Pineapple is OK – a bit of a cough and runny nose but no fever. We think she just has a cold – she had the H1N1 shot. But only the 1st one – did YOU know they needed TWO? Because we didn’t. We’re holding out hope that she’s not developing something worse.

So, I owe my blog several posts – and have several on the docket that I’m hoping to get to this weekend. My apologies for the disappearing act but I promise, promise, promise to deliver as soon as possible.

In the meantime…oink….COUGH….*sigh*

P.S. and lest I be disingenuous regarding my ‘fear’ of wolves, rest assured I’m not referring to my FAVORITE wolf, Jacob. Yum. 6 days, 5 hours, 33 minutes to bliss.

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