Dear Jacob, stay in Washington!

Did you hear that there are over 1600 wolves in the Idaho / Montana / Wyoming area? Well, there are. And they kill a lot of elk and a lot of other animals. And they’re agressive. They were also just removed from the endangered species list a few months ago. So, what do you do when you’ve JUST removed an animal from the endangered species list?

You hunt it, of course! (Duh.)

So, according to an article I saw online, ‘state officials are allowing hunters this year to take up to 75 in Montana and 220 in Idaho. [This actually may have already happened.] Federal protections remain in Wyoming.’

This is serious business folks. Wolves are beautiful, majestic creatures. And sometimes, they are shaped just like Jacob Black. Or Sam Uley. Or any one of the many pack members of the Quilieute tribe. Therefore, they should TOTALLY not be shot.

This may not be what the folks originally petitioning the approved hunting of the wolves thought about. But when I first heard this story, I’m not ashamed to admit that I immediately thought of Jacob. DH and I were driving down the road and OPB was covering the story. DH said “wow – that’s awful – I can’t stand it when they hunt wolves.” And I said “HOLY CRAP THEY’RE GONNA KILL JACOB!”

DH, being a long-suffering husband of a vamp-fic addicted woman just rolled his eyes and ignored me. He’s understanding that way. Pineapple had no opinion on the matter but assured me that she will eventually enjoy reading all of the teenage novels I currently have in my book collection. She’s cool like that.

And you should know that DH’s family is full of hunters. His dad and brother actually hunt with real bows and arrows (I’m not even sure if I’m saying that properly) and they hit things – not just the broad sides of barns. When they kill an elk, it’s meat for them for a year. So, I’m not blasting hunting here. But I’m not all for it either. Particularly when it involves animals that could protect me and my loved ones from evil vampires if I were in my late teens and became best friends with the cutest one of all while allowing him to swoon all over me even though I was pining for a good vampire. Cause that is reality folks. That’s real life. Breathe it deep.

Oh – and 2 days, 11 hours and 6 minutes. (Quit rolling your eyes. You know you love it, too.)

4 thoughts on “Dear Jacob, stay in Washington!

  1. It is all we have been talking about at the office for the last month. My tickets are for Thursday and I am FREAKING OUT! How sad is that.

    **shakes head**

    I’m so glad no one is killing Jacob in my area. The bloodlust is all for the coyotes here.

    • It’s the same here. 3 of my work girlfriends and I have 12:01AM tickets for Thursday. *sigh* And to make matters worse, we’ve tracked down sparkly candy and are taking our flasks! I guess, at least it’s legal for us to HAVE flasks…not like all the other people we will be in line with…who totally CANNOT have some of what’s in my flask! (which will be champagne with red food dye…oh God…help me – I’m sick…SO SICK! ; )

    • Holy criminy. I am ASHAMED that I did not make this connection. Well, of COURSE they’re related! They’re both magical! Sheesh. Ahhh…Sirius. Stinkin’ JK killing him so early! DH always complains that Sirius got the axe so soon – he thinks that Sirius and Mad Eye are the only two good guys with oomph…I haven’t had the heart to tell him about Mad Eye yet…and he hasn’t read the books. ; )

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