Do you know what ‘eos’ stands for?…Evolution of Smooth. And they mean it, too.

EOS gave away some fabulous shave cream and amazing lip balm at BlogHer 09 and I quickly became addicted.

Not only does their Ultra Moisturinzing Shave Cream totally live up to the promise of being so moisturizing that you can shave wet or dry, but it smells clean and is creamy – not a foamy mess. I’ve tried the Island Blue, Cucumber Melon, and the Sensitive Skin (fragrance free) versions but I can’t wait to get my hands on the Vanilla Bliss and Lavender Jasmine. All of them also have antioxidants to help skin look smooth and refreshed – and goodness knows, at my age I can use as much antioxidant power as I can get my hands on! Also, they’re not overpriced! At about $3.50 a bottle, they’re worth every penny – they last FOREVER. I just used the last of the bottle I received at BlogHer a few weeks ago. It just kept going and going. And the bottle is soft, recycleable plastic – making it easy to grip in the shower and it doesn’t leave a rust ring in the corner. The texture is more like a lotion than a shaving cream – it’s not gel-ish or foamy at all – it’s creamy and thick and easy to apply. It’s also cute…and I’m a total sucker for packaging…take for instance the Organic Smooth Sphere Lip Balm…don’t even get me STARTED! (OK, get me started….)

First, it’s organic…nice, right?! Then you get flavors like Sweet Mint (little slice o’heaven) and Summer Fruit (a light, citrusy scent that doesn’t make you feel like you’ve been sucking lemons)…seems too good to be true, huh?! And to top it all off, it’s packaged in a cute little sphere that sits on my nightstand table and is easy to grab and use in the middle of the night – when my lips need some moisturizing. When I first saw it, I thought ‘now this is odd..how am I supposed to apply this round ball to my lips?’ But honestly, it’s super easy to apply and makes my lips feel nice and kissy (so says DH). Happy feature?…Pineapple loves the shape of the ball and pretends to put on the lip balm and smack her lips…priceless!

I’ve purchased the Honeysuckle Honeydew Lip Sphere (sounds yummy, huh?!) for stocking stuffers and I thought you might appreciate some stocking stuffers of your own – so, eos has agreed to let me give away 2 BUNDLES of their products!!!! (LUCKY YOU!) They were kind enough to send me the Sweet Mint Lip Sphere, the Summer Fruit Lip Sphere, the Cucumber Melon Shave Cream, and the Sensitive Skin (fragrance-free) Shave Cream…and you can win a similar bundle! All you have to do is follow the instructions below to enter and you can have some awesome stocking stuffers…or fill your own stocking…shhh….I won’t tell!


Visit the eos site and leave a comment below letting me know what eos product you’d love to get your hands on. – 2 Entries

Become a fan of PineappleBabble on Facebook – and let me know you have. – 1 Entry

Become a fan of eos on Facebook – comment about that, too. – 1 Entry

UDATE: Winners of the eos products giveaway are @Photina and @Jenn!!!! Email me with your addresses – and congratulations!!!!!!!

10 thoughts on “*GIVEAWAY – eos – GIVEAWAY*

    • Uhhhh – YEAH! It’s awesome! And seriously, you’d think it would be difficult to apply – but not at all. And I’m not kidding – the Sweet Mint Lip Sphere is my absolute favorite lip balm. It smells great and tastes great (because, let’s face it, you always end up eating a bit of it). I love it!

      Good luck!

  1. Ooh, this stuff looks awesome! I noticed the lip balm is gluten free, too, which is so awesome. There are so many products out there w/ gluten it always surprises me to see gluten-free stuff!

    I know I’m too late for the giveaway but wanted to say thanks for posting the product review – can’t wait to give this stuff a try! 🙂

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