Giving Thanks…But Always Wanting More

Last Thursday, my family gave thanks…twice…in one day. I had 2 Thanksgiving meals at my home (which I hosted and cooked – oy vey).

My Doodle (which is my dad) and Pattie (my stepmom) came over that morning and watched me cook 2 batches of homemade cornbread dressing, 2 batches of green bean casserole, open 2 cans of cranberry sauce, make 2 pumpkin logs, and 1 large ham. We watched the parade – and then unfortunately some ball games. When it was time to eat, we all gathered around the table and gave thanks – even Pineapple who is TRYING to say ‘thank you.’ (Tooooooo cute!!!)

After our meal, we visited for a bit and they helped me clean and straighten the house in preparation for Mom (my mother – I bet you couldn’t guess that one) and Rickey (my stepdad) to arrive from Louisiana. They flew in on Thanksgiving day because the tickets were only $250!!! That is crazy, right?! Too good to pass up, for sure.

They arrived around 4PM and since Pineapple was napping, DH ran to the airport to pick them up. When they got to the house, we made the final meal preparations – including giblet gravy (if you’ve never had it, it’s DELISH and a southern tradition – at least in my family).

When dinner was ready, we all sat down and gave thanks…again.

All this giving thanks made me think…All day long, I was scrambling and rushing; cleaning and preparing; baking and broiling…and I wasn’t relaxing or living in the moment or thinking about what I was preparing for or giving any sort of thanks at all. To be perfectly honest, I was just thankful to be done cooking! So, I’d like to give a little thanks now since I did such a poor job of it on the eventful day:

  • I am thankful for Pineapple. She is a miracle and each day I smile at least once because of her – happiness is a gift – and she’s the package.
  • I’m thankful for my imperfect, often annoying, forgetful, frustrating husband. Because he puts up with all of my annoying, frustrating, imperfect qualities, as well. We’re an imperfect match made in heaven! And I truly love him and am thankful for him daily – even if I don’t tell him as often as I should.
  • I’m thankful to have a roof over my head and not 1 but 2 meals on my table. Not just because of the recession – but because having security, safety and a full tummy are a right that not everyone enjoys.
  • I’m thankful for family. Family is NOT perfect but it is something to count on. It’s the background noise that makes you feel that no matter what is happening in the moment, all will be well in the end.

Now for the wanting more:

I want more time with my family and friends. I want more friends. I want more money so I can get little gifts to show my friends and family what they mean to me. I want more money so I can travel to visit my family and friends more often. I want to see my friends who recently moved back to the states from Australia so desperately – and I want to meet their newest addition and introduce them to Pineapple! I want a vacation. I want more books – because really, can you ever have enough (I think the only thing that will ever satisfy this craving is to own my own bookstore – seriously). I want peace. I want nobody’s child to ever go hungry again – and nobody to ever watch their child suffer. I want disease to be obliterated. I want understanding and compassion for everyone. And most of all – more than anything…..

I WANT TO GO TO HARRY POTTER LAND AT UNIVERSAL STUDIOS! SO BAD! (Pineapple does, too. She told me. Swear.)

And world peace. World peace is important. In fact…it may be achievable through mass trips to Harry Potter Land. It’s something to consider.

Happy Holidays!

2 thoughts on “Giving Thanks…But Always Wanting More

  1. Sarah says:

    I’ll open a bookstore w/you. It willl specialize in science fiction and vampire fantasy and Victorian era period pieces 😛

  2. You’re on! My sister wants in on it, too – so we’ll have to let her play. *sigh* it’s my big dream to own a bookstore and just this weekend DH informed me that it was an impractical dream. IMPRACTICAL?!?! People need to read!

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