And so my obsession with PBS continues… I regularly tweet about PBS programming and my issues with it – here are some highlights:

  • The folks on PBS need to learn to articulate…don’t agree? Listen to the Curious George theme song again, then get back to me.
  • Embarrassed to admit that I only realized this AM that the mouse on Between the Lions is a computer mouse #obsessedwithPBS….
  • I thought it was just weird…guess it kinda is…. #obsessedwithPBS
  • I wonder if Sid realizes that he is FIRMLY in Gabriella’s ‘friend zone.’ #obsessedwithPBS
  • STSK aired the SAME flu-tastic episode as Monday…seriously?! That’s just lazy programming. #obsessedwithPBS

Recently the lack of articulation has started getting to me. Some of my biggest issues?…

Seriously – the Curious George theme song! This is what I hear:

“Well yo curious…and that’s mahvalous…and that’s yo rewad…you jealous bod…you can ask your sis…what is his…like curious…curious joyage.”

What it’s actually saying:

“Well, you’re curious – and that’s marvelous – and that’s your reward – you’ll never be bored – when you ask yourself – what is this? – like curious – Curious George.”

Nothing alike, right?! I mean really.

And then there’s the Super Why gang. I swear that pig says “liggideze ledders!” And I THINK he’s saying ‘look at these letters!’

DH and I were getting ready for work the other day and the obligatory PBS programming was playing in the background and he turned to me and said “why does that fairy say ‘KWANZA’!? I never hear anything else about it – she just yells ‘KWANZA’ and then doesn’t provide any information about the holiday.” After some careful listening, we determined that Princess P is actually saying “Wands Up!” *sigh*

Little kids watch this stuff. If I have no idea what they’re saying, do the kids?! Oh well, I’m not really complaining. PBS rules in my book. They have great, quality programming and it’s a community effort. But still…can we PLEASE get some speech therapists on board here? I wonder what they would have to say…

Oh – and P.S. I think we need a movement to halt May’s drug habit…she is supposed to be stoned…right? 😉

6 thoughts on “LA-LA-LA-LOOOO!

  1. ADQ says:

    Why am I always the last to know? CLC told me about your blog and some of the acoutrements that have come as a result… WOW! I’ve always enjoyed your wit, and now the whole world seens to like it. YOU’RE SO SPECIAL! luv u

  2. My friend and I were just talking about this! And it’s rampant on other that-age programming too. On the otherwise totally awesome Wonder Pets!, the duck’s therious lisp is a buzzkill. And there’s a bear (or, as he would call himself, bewear–atrocious!) on Sesame Street. I’d much rather hear a wide variety of accents,which are cool, global, and so interesting, than botched attempts at being “koot”/cute. Children are such sponges and I wonder what the ramifications will be. Are they trying for inclusion, to make kids with speech delays feel better? If so, this isn’t doing it.

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