Pineapple Pigtails

Pineapple’s hair is growing and growing and I’m starting to feel like I made a wrong turn somewhere by deciding on my chosen career instead of being a hairdresser. I honestly don’t know what to do with her hair.

It’s super duper fine – and long in some places – and short in others. For example, it’s too short in the very, very back to go up in a full ponytail – and I guess the short sides wouldn’t work well either. And her bangs? Don’t get me started on her bangs. I made the mistake several months ago of attempting to ‘even them out’. The key word in that sentence is ‘attempting’ – needless to say, it was a failed attempt. I’m hoping I don’t evenutally set her up for some awful hair disaster that will then plague her through her elementary years, causing her to one day start a blog just so she can complain about how her mom screwed her up with her lack of hair stylin’ skillz. *sigh*

So, my only recourse is to stick to the easy stuff and put her hair in pigtails. Thank HEAVEN she’s adorable so it totally works. (I should note that I’m not at all biased here, folks – it’s not bias if it’s true – then it’s just fact – at least to me – and if you ask my husband, I’m always right – I swear that’s what he’ll say – so that means, it’s true – she’s friggin’ adorable and it totally works.)

The downside is she HATES (with a capital ‘hates‘) for me to do her hair. She does not want to sit still and I’m pretty sure I accidentally pull it – I promise I don’t mean to – and no matter how many times I apologize during the process, she just continues to cry and scream and turn her head away. I feel awful for it but she’s a girl and I’m her mom and this is one of my duties, right? Left to her own devices, she would just wander about with flyaway hair – and it has been made perfectly clear to me by the askance looks we receive in the bookstore and Target (our regular haunts) on the weekends that this type of hairdo would not be acceptable in her social circles at daycare.

So, for now  – and future months to come – I hope you enjoy seeing pictures of Pineapple with pigtails because I can assure you that this will be her de rigeur hairstyle until she grows more hair and I learn how to braid it. (Like that’s ever gonna happen!)

I’m just thankful that her pigtails don’t look like this:

And instead they look like this:


Horrible picture quality…but you get the idea…and SEE?! I WASN’T lying about the cuteness!

4 thoughts on “Pineapple Pigtails

  1. Super cute! Love the pigtails. Thanks for reminding me why I’m glad to have 2 boys. I *might* wet down a cowlick or occasionally run a brush through my son’s hair, but usually I don’t touch it. Saves a lot of time in the morning!

  2. Have you taken Pineapple in for her first real haircut? We just went through that with Matthew. He was fine with it all, more interested in looking at the clippers than anything else. But when your bald little baby finally gets to the point where they need hair care, it does remind you that they are growing up.

    • AWWW – I bet he was ADORABLE! You have to share some pics of his new ‘do’ 🙂 I think when the time comes, we’re going to take Pineapple to one of those places where they sit on a plastic horse or rocket ship to get their hair cut! That will be so fun! (probably for me more than anyone 😉 )

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