Did I Cause This Self-Loathing?

My kiddo will eat anything. Seriously. You name it and she’ll eat it. She LOVES broccoli! And carrots! We’re talking about a kid here. Historically, they’re not known for digging veggies but my little Pineapple lives for them.

She’s a big eater, too. She’ll sit up like a big girl in her chair and do the sign for ‘more’ over and over so we’ll keep feeding her. (You’d think she’d be a chunker but she’s not – she super slim – she must have stolen my metabolism while in utero because Lord knows I haven’t been able to find it since she was born…hmm...)

She also enjoys all sorts of fruit – though blueberries are her favorite (we can tell because after she eats a couple, she’ll yell ‘bububees’ which we are taking to mean ‘blueberries’ – she’s also guilty of blueberry theft, but that’s another story). She’ll eat meat – mostly chicken or turkey – but she likes almost all of it.

We give her sweets rarely but she enjoys vanilla ice cream and even mochi! Speaking of Japanese food, she loves sushi – not the raw kinds – but she likes seaweed salad and she likes to eat rice with vegetables and gyoza. I’m telling you this kid will eat anything….



That’s right folks. Pineapple will NOT eat pineapple. I actually watched her put a piece of pineapple in her mouth, make a face, spit it back out into her hand and then place it on the opposity side of her tray. As if to say ‘EWWWWW – get that crap-ola away from me!’ I couldn’t believe it.

So, I cut it up differently and placed another piece right in front of her. She took the bait…with the same result – a partially masticated bit of pineapple placed as far away as she could possibly get it.

I’m wondering if maybe it’s because she somehow knows that Pineapple is her nickname and to eat pineapple would be kinda gross? Like those disgusting DQ commercials where the shrimp are enjoying ‘popcorn’ only to discover that the children are missing…ewwwww. Or the old movie theater cartoons for the snack stand that featured a coke drinking a coke…and a candybar eating a candybar…sick, people…just sick.

So maybe, Pineapple has some aversion because of her nickname? As soon as she can talk coherently…I plan to ask her.

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