Diarrhea Blows

I hate diarrhea. To be fair, I’m pretty sure there are few people on the planet who would come out on the ‘YAY’ side of diarrhea but I’ve reached a new level of hate for this particular stomach irritation.

Yesterday, Pineapple developed diarrhea and has been suffering as a result. Not only did she ‘go potty’ (translation: poop chunky soup) seven times yesterday, she developed an INSANE rash to go with it.

It was so bad that last night when DH and I were trying to bathe her in luke warm water with baking soda, she stood gripping the edge and biting her little finger, staring at the water, crying with shaking little legs as we told her to ‘sit down honey and it will all be OK.’ I hate lying to my wee baby but we both knew the soak would do her good. It was horrible though – I seriously didn’t know whether to laugh or cry – so I did a little of both.

The diarrhea and butt rash carried over to this morning so I had to take her to the doctor to examine her shiny, blistery hiney.

The doctor took one look and said “How long did you say she’s had this rash?!”

“Since yesterday afternoon,” I told her. All the while just KNOWING that she’s wondering what sort of swill we live in that a rash could get THIS bad overnight. I’m also worried that she is probably thinking I’m a TERRIBLE mother because not only is Pineapple sporting this nasty rash and tummy problem, but she’s also got a total shiner and has a healing busted lip. (She likes to climb on things…and she has ZERO balance or grace. I’ve never seen a kid fall so much. Both of those injuries occurred at daycare when she was climbing UP the slide instead of going down. *SIGH*)

After examining the rash, the doc informed me that it was what she refers to as a ‘scald’ from the tummy acid combined with a yeast infection. Oh HOO-RAY! That sounds PERFECT. Thankfully, she did test for step and it was negative – thank heaven for small blessings, right? She also, in a SUPREME act of mercy, said “I’m surprised she doesn’t have more of these severe rashes given her pale, sensitive skin.” Thank you doctor lady for not just assuming that I just prefer to not clean my daughter’s butt.

So all day today, I worked from home with my little Pineapple playing and screaming and running around, pushing her stroller and car into the wall and pretending she was a car herself, making ‘pbbbbtttt’ noises as she crawled around the room. Sounds like she’s super sick, right? Yeah. Right. She just couldn’t go to daycare because she had too many ‘loose poopies’ in a day and her rash was so bad. *DOUBLE SIGH* In between her auto impersonation, I had to stand her in the tub and spray her off with the shower nozzle so I wouldn’t have to rub her delicate back end. I think it’s an obvious understatement to say ‘she doesn’t like that.’

Tonight I let her sit in the tub for about 45 minutes, playing in the luke warm water and she did OK. Once she got in, she was all good and depending on how the night goes, I’m going to take her in to daycare tomorrow. It’s just mean to keep her home and not let her go play with her friends just because she has a butt rash. She’s in a great mood – the only time she’s upset is during her diaper changes…oh…and when I’d like to get some sleep. Yeah…I haven’t been getting a lot of that. And with DH out of town tonight, I’m sincerely hoping she’ll sleep through the night. I’m in serious need of some ZZZ’s…here’s to hoping!

UPDATE: Yeah. I didn’t get any sleep. Her rash did look better this morning, though and she was in good spirits so I took her to daycare…now I’m just waiting for the call to come get her. *TRIPLE SIGH* And say it with me…POOOOOR PINEAPPLE!

6 thoughts on “Diarrhea Blows

  1. Sarah says:

    I’m scared of having children. Cat boxes are bad enough and that’s just fecal matter, no clean-up besides a scoop required.

  2. Honestly…I’d rather wipe my kid’s hiney than clean the litter box. When I was preggo, we were informed that I shouldn’t clean the litter box. After having Pineapple, I told DH he needed to go take care of the litter…he responded with a ‘why can’t you do it’? To which I replied (in an elevated voice) ‘because I carried your child for 10 freakin’ months and you owe me FOREVER!’ He’s never asked me to do it again. 🙂

  3. Always amazing to me how doctors think they’re above it all. Sigh. Did they at least give you some kind of salve or cream or something to help ease the pain?? Poor kiddo.

    Anyway, I hope Pineapple feels better soon and you get some rest!

    • She as a prescription for her hiney…which is healing…and which she now refers to has her ‘po botta’ for ‘poor bottom’ as she pats her tummy.

      DH was home last night so I did get some sleep – thank heaven!

      Thanks for the well-wishes!

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