Wordless Wednesday (now with more words)

If you read my blog, then you’re probably aware that Pineapple has been really sick the past two weeks. And with most toddlers, particularly those right around the 16 month point, I’m finding, encouraging them to ‘sit still because you really need your rest’ is virtually impossible. Well, you KNOW they’re not feeling tip top when they VOLUNTARILY sit still for any length of time. This is Pineapple last week, enjoying Bolt! from the comfort of our couch. Note the red-rimmed eyes (you can’t see mine in this photo – but trust me, they were red-rimmed as well – from exhaustion) and the sippy cup just about empty of Juicy Juice Immunity juice and Pedialyte. Poor little Pineapple! Don’t you just want to give her a hug?!

I’m glad that this week, things are looking up!

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