We All Fall Down

I am clumsy. There, I said it. I’m seriously clumsy. I regularly have one bruise or another. Last night, I set a cup of water on the counter, preparing to make some Sleepy Time tea (haha – like I sleep…) and turning from the counter, my robe sleeve caught on the corner and I knocked water all over the place.

A couple of days ago, DH and I were lying on the couch – him with his feet pressing against my hip. It hurt and after a while I complained. ‘What’s wrong?’ he asked. I told him my hip was hurting for some reason…and upon some bathroom inspection, I realized it was completely bruised. Most likely from running into a counter.

I’m also a ‘fall down the stairs’ kinda person. When you see me on the stairs, I’m most likely gripping the rail. There is a VERY good reason for that.

Well, I’m afraid Pineapple has the same issue. In the past month, she has fallen down the stairs at daycare, run into 3 door frames, run into the wall 5 times, fallen off/out of something that SHOULD be age appropriate for her to climb on/crawl in approximately 10 times, busted her lip once, and had 2 black eyes.  (She has also busted MY lip, given me a goose egg on my forhead, and smacked me so hard across the eye – when she was simply intending to point at something – that I seriously thought it would be black.)

Before you go calling the authorities, you should understand that her bumps and clumsiness have led to daily updates from daycare of ‘no unusual bonks today’ and they now refer to the tiny new table and chair area as ‘Pineapple’s OOPS area.’ She hasn’t had any ‘oops’ there yet, but they’re preparing for them. I also get panicked calls from her grandparents, when they are sitting for her, saying ‘she keeps climbing up on her toy picnic table – and we can’t keep her off of it – should we put her in time out?’ Um, a resounding YES to that question. In other words, she’s not exactly AFRAID of a fall, either.

So now the question is, do we bubble wrap and foam pad everything around her….or bubble wrap her?! Anybody else dealing with this or have any good suggestions? I’m at my wits end. And I seriously did not know how to respond when last week during a doctor’s visit the nurse gave us a pamphlet on ‘How to Prevent and Identify a Head Injury’ stating ‘toddlers fall a lot.’

No way…really?! Glad I spent $300 to have the doctor tell me my kid falls.


6 thoughts on “We All Fall Down

    • If it was my Snuggie, I would have said “my leopard print” or “cool pink” snuggie sleeve knocked over my water…cause those are the two I want. : ) Mock away, DadLogic….mock away.

  1. talkingsnuggie says:

    If it was a Snuggie let’s hope the Snuggie didn’t get hurt in the altercation. Kid’s sure can be clumsy, I wish you and your daughter the best though.

    • Snuggies are INDESTRUCTIBLE!!! At least that’s what I’m assuming based on other overall awesomeness. I wouldn’t know since I don’t have one 😦 DH just tells me to turn my robe around and pretend it’s a Snuggie. He’s tres lame.

  2. I remember a similar post when my daughter was this age, “She’s One, She’s Walking and Yes she might get hurt.”

    As much as I don’t like her bumps and bruises, it seems like it’s just par for the territory. It’s sooo funny how they bounce back at something that would make us down a fistful of tylenol!

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