Bliss Within Reach

I am so excited…I’m headed to Blissdom ’10 this week…and I’ll be hanging with some AMAZING blogging women and seeing HARRY CONNICK, JR. perform!!! Yowza!

There are so many things to be excited about:

1. Blissdom is in Nashville this year at the Opryland Hotel! If you’ve never been, it is amazing. There is a FREAKIN’ RIVER running through that hotel. I’m not even kidding.

2. Did I mention that Harry Connick, Jr. is performing? Oh, I did but not loudly enough? Oh – OK…HARRY FRIGGIN’ CONNICK, JR. IS PERFORMING! Let me know if y’all can hear that in Canada, mkay?

3. Amazing sessions – I’ll be learning from the best and getting to know my peers…well, hopefully they’ll think of me as a peer instead of a novice. I can’t wait to meet some of my blogging heroes, too!!! SQUEE!

4. Sleep. I plan to sleep in a bed in a hotel room without interruption or disturbance. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh….bliss.

5. The parties! YAY! Party! Party! Party!….sleeeeeeeeep. *sigh of contentment*

6. The Blissdom folks sent me a care package to prepare DH and Pineapple for my absence. It included a nifty Orville Redenbacher popcorn bowl and popcorn, and ConAgra Poken (high five!), a cute Hallmark card for Pineapple (it’s Madacascar and plays ‘I like to move it, move it’ so DH just LOVES that – I’ve filled it out for him to give to Pineapple once I’m gone!), and a ConAgra coupon book full of freebies like Blue Bunny Ice Cream, and Chef Boy Ardee ravioli to keep their tummies full. Oh – and I shouldn’t forget the Red Box coupon! DH is planning to pick a fun movie for both of them to enjoy!

Reasons why I’m NOT blissed out by the trip…..

1. I’ll MISS Pineapple and DH…sooooo much. It’s always hard to be away from them and though I considered bringing Pineapple (I hear lots of moms are brining their kiddos – and if you are, be sure to check out this link on @FromDatestoDiapers for some FUN stuff for you baby weilding moms!), DH and I decided that given how sick she’s been recently, and how much that messed up her routine, it might be best for her to just stick to a pattern this time. *BIG, sad, sigh*

That’s the only downer reason I can come up with – everything else is looking pretty darned exciting for this conference.

In other words….I. Cannot. Wait!

Let me know if you’re going! I’d love to meet in person! (I’m talkin’ to YOU HC,Jr…JUST KIDDING, DH!…not really, HC,Jr. Not really.)

XOXO Rachael

4 thoughts on “Bliss Within Reach

  1. I am soooo jealous I mean excited for you!
    I live in atlanta and kept thinking about coming up for a social thing but then hubby got laid off…boooo
    Have fun and we want details when u return

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