Blissfully Exhausted

Wow. Wow. Wow.

This has been such a fun, exciting, educational, frenetic weekend…aiuwehfaiagvdffiugjlk;likjoa….WHOOPS – sorry, fell asleep on my keyboard…I’m exhausted, believe it or not – but totally high on women empowerment here at Blissdom ’10 in Nashville, TN.

Now, where to start?

I think I’ll start with my travel to the conference….I woke up at 4AM to scramble to the airport where I sat and waited for my plane for another hour. Note to self: when you’re taking a flight that early in the morning, there is no need to scramble to a vacant airport. My first leg was from PDX to Denver. On that flight I sat next to a very nice girl who coughed the ENTIRE flight. I spent a solid half hour wondering how to politely offer her a cough drop. Finally, I decided that if I were coughing my head off, I would want a friggin’ cough drop and I would be THANKFUL rather than offended if my nice seat mate gave me one. Thank goodness when I gave it to her she informed me that <ACHOO…cough, cough> she wasn’t actually sick. Suuuuure you’re not.

At this point in the post, you should know that I have decided that the Denver airport is the flying equivalent of the 4th layer of hell. Reason being, I ALWAYS get stuck/delayed in Denver (if this happens on the return flight, I intend to move it’s ranking to the 5th layer of hell…will keep you posted on that). Thankfully, the Denver airport is very nice with lots of stuff to occupy your time – this didn’t help me though because they didn’t delay us until we were ON the plane and they wouldn’t let us off.

From Denver to Nashville, in case you didn’t see my tweet, I sat next to Mr. Rude Dude. He not only took up his whole seat, and both armrests, but he laid his coat over the armrest into my seat then spread his legs so that his FEET WERE UNDER THE SEAT IN FRONT OF ME. No, I’m not lying. I crammed myself against the window and attemped to make myself as small as possible. Oh…and he didn’t smell pretty. I may have discreetly sprayed him with some Bath and Body Works spritz. But I probably didnt. Probably. Shhhh.

Now, lest you decide that this is going to be a grumpy post, let me assuage your fears now…once I arrived in Nashville, complete BLISS began.

I reached my room (by following a map along a path that included 2 escalators, a sky bridge, an elevator, and half a mile of hallway – no, I”m not actually exaggerating – Opryland is HUGE, y’all) and after getting settled in, I prepared to enter the world of Blissdom at the Jack Daniel’s Saloon. I spent approximately half an hour wandering just outside the doorway, checking out fountains and plant life and gazebos until, after a call with my sister during which she did her best to make me feel beatiful, wonderful, engaging, and talented (thanks sis, you rule!).

 I finally entered the fray…and *gasp* I MADE SOME FRIENDS!

I made some super cool, neat-o keen, amazingly smart and funny friends. As an adult. As a mom. As a blogger. If you’re reading this and you’re in college or your early 20’s, you may not be aware of this, but it is exceptionally hard to make adult friends. And I did it! (I’m not going to post their pictures yet, until I get their permission – but be on the lookout!)

The next day was incredible – meeting my new pals at breakfast in the lobby, enjoying a keynote by Kevin Carroll (@Katalyst) that brought me to tears equally as often as it made me laugh out loud, and then off to some learning sessions that are really going to help me take this blog to the next level (I hope) and better engage with you, dear readers (I hope).

Just before lunch, which was sponsored by Hunts and held in Volare – and was SUPER yummy – George Duran from TLC’s Ultimate Cake Off (I met him the night before….see):

was a special guest and actually prepared the food that we were about to eat. It was awesome – and so yummy! Eggplant lasagna rolls – yum!

And this wouldn’t be a post by me if I didn’t mention Harry Connick, Jr. He performed for us at FUSE nightclub and he was amazing – hilarious and such an incredible performer. My new friends and I had so much fun dancing and squeeing over him – with my new pal (@unxperiencedmom)  claiming that she would “never wash this hand again” after meeting him and shaking his hand. I had my pic taken with him, as well, and had the chance to tell him that I too was from Louisiana, originally, and thank him for all the work he’s doing for New Orleans. <WHO DAT?!>

Today is kicking off soon – sessions for social media and blogging super stars – I’m so excited and I’m so glad I have people to meet for breakfast and I won’t have to wander around the fountains and bushes waiting for a pep talk from my sister….my new friends can give me one.  

In the meantime, I continue to miss Pineapple and DH desperately. And DH called earlier to inform me that Pineapple has pink eye…in both eyes…which means she rubbed poop in her eyes…*sigh*…and I’m worried but so proud of how DH has handled it – calling the doctor and getting her drops. Go DH!

So, more posts to come about this exciting adventure including a wrap-up, a run down of all the great products and experiences this conference provided (holla at the sponsors!), and my own, personal, BLISSY AWARDS. Is there something in particular you’d like to hear about? Let me know and I’ll be sure to give you the insider scoop!

XOXO from Nashville!


8 thoughts on “Blissfully Exhausted

  1. Great Recap! You can post my pic if you want:)

    Meeting you really put the “bliss” in blissdom for me!

    I love the red glow of your pic with George. Hot Mama!

    Hope your seat mates are better on the way home!

    See you in Hawaii. (wink, wink)

  2. So glad to meet you girl! Kevin Carroll made me cry too and inspired me to take on the world – or, at least be slightly more motivated on a day to day basis 🙂

  3. It was sooo good to meet you this weekend! I look forward to getting to know you even more through your blog!

    BlissDom was fabulous! Soooo many projects I’ve been inspired to start. If only I had enough time!

    Take care….

    Megan @ SweetSadieMarie
    (I’m already thinking of fabulous fabrics for your orange & turquoise “funky flower”. I hope to pop it in the mail soon!)

    • Hi Megan! You’re too sweet! I’m so excited abuot my ‘funky flower’!

      Blissdom was great fun – I didn’t see how your smoky eyes turned out…I’m sure you looked beautiful. 🙂 And I’m feeling the inspiration, too…speaking of, I need to get a post up!


  4. Leave it to a germaphobe to say she’d never wash her hand again! 🙂

    Loved your recap and can’t wait for more. Miss you gals so much b/c in just those 2-3 short days, I had such a blast. Seriously, one more year to wait?! Ugh…

    You have my permission to post pictures, although I guarantee I will say I look horrible. With 15 pds of babyweight from my 7 month old left, plus the camera adding weight, I feel like a blimp. But for your posts, you got it! 😉


    • Oh silly – you are GORGEOUS! And you have headbands to die for! 🙂

      And the germaphobe thing is me all over – I actually have 5 bottles of sanitizer on my desk at this very moment (no, I’m not exaggerating) so I feel ya! But I was surpised at how little I used it at the conference – huh.

      Miss ya babe!!!


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