Frozen Wiggly Rivers Lead Away From Blissdom but Toward Bliss

I was going to write 4 more posts about Blissdom. Yep – 4. But instead, I’ve decided to write one really long one. So hang on to your girdle Myrtle…it’s gonna be a long ride!

I awoke in the early morning following my last evening at Blissdom and packed my things in the dim hotel light – mostly because my exhausted eyes couldn’t handle the bright overheads. I raced down the LOOOOONG hallway and over the sky bridge, dragging my full-to-bursting suitcase behind me to find two of my new friends waiting at the shuttle, concerned that I might not make it in time.

We rode to the airport, shairng our excitement over the experience and some new opportunities we now had as a result of our conversations with other amazing bloggers at the conference.

We hugged at our gates, knowing this was just goodbye for now because we would all be chatting later, online. These friends will never be far away – they’re always as close as a computer screen.

Later, as I flew over Colorado, I looked out the window and through a break in the cloud I saw these long, frozen, wiggly rivers and realized they were all carrying me away from Blissdom…but back to my own personal Bliss in the form of my family – sweet Pineapple and loving DH.

I learned a lot at Blissdom. A lot of things that will help me be a better blogger (hopefully) and a lot of things about some new friends – and even myself. So what did I learn? Pull up a monitor and I’ll tell you:

  • Pretty cream and blue tote bags full of treats and information from sponsors that care enough about this community (and recognize their power of influence) to make this conference happen totally rule. Hanes, Hunts, Mam, COVERGIRL, ConAgra, Hershey’s, Arnold, Mabel’s Labels, Blue Bunny and so many others brought this conference to light. Some of the products and companies I already knew about – others were new to me – but ALL were appreciated.
  • Dinner – both cheaper Irish food and posh American cuizine – with friends (@unxperiencedmom, @adventuremomj, @queenmotherblog, and @ehood in particular) – is a wonderful way to spend your time. I rarely get the chance and I highly recommend it!
  • Trying to find a place to eat and having a walking adventure as a result (because, have I MENTIONED how huge Opryland is?!) is a fun, impromptu form of exercise – much better than Tae Bo (that Billy Blanks is just ASKING for it, I tell ya.)
  • Sometimes a new friend can be right next to you and you miss the chance to meet. @SugarJones and I spent the entire trip attempting to connect…and we constantly missed each other, only to have my friends tell me later that at least twice, we were standing right next to each other, just talking to other people! (Next time, girl!)
  • Blue feather boas that shed and yucky blue martinis get worn and drunk anyway…with pride.
  • Even thought New Moon was available in my room – a fact some of you may realize was a constant temptation for me – I didn’t stick around to watch it because I was too busy meeting, laughing, and bonding with my new pals (I know @melisstress, I can hardly believe it either!).
  • Finding Bandaids for sale in the gift shop for our abused toes and heels at a conference that was being referenced to as “#Blisterdom” is a wonderful thing.
  • Realizing I could just wear my comfy shoes and nobody cared anyway, is priceless!
  • I would never have guessed that I would forego sleep to stand in the hallway talking way past bedtime because there was just SO MUCH to say!
  • I learned I’m not only sympathetic but empathetic. I regularly wept while hugging weeping moms who were missing their wee ones just as much as I was missing my Pineapple. Everyone understood completely.
  • Being in the same room with someone like Kevin Carroll (@kckatalyst) is an absolute privelage and inspiration. I’m not sure I’ll ever look at work the same way.
  • Stellan.
  • I discovered that work should be play and play can be work but they should both be FUN! (Thanks again, @katalyst!)
  • I realized that I may actually be a humor blogger as well as a mommy blogger (apparently, I can be funny).
  • A group of women sharing a meal and a drink will shamelessly share anything and everything – including stories about peeing standing up (you GoGirl!)
  • Bloggers dream big and loud and our goals are attainable. And we will carry each other along in the wake of our successes; because that’s what friends do.

But I think the biggest lesson I learned was this (courtesy once again of @katalyst – have I made it clear yet how amazing that guy is?!):

“The moment one fully commits oneself, providence commits as well.”

Be on the lookout for big things.

XOXO Rachael

10 thoughts on “Frozen Wiggly Rivers Lead Away From Blissdom but Toward Bliss

  1. Bay says:

    Aw! Your post rocks and I already miss you! Though I won’t miss the anxiety I was consumed with while there (gee, sorry, I was a weepy nut!) I will really miss the inspiration & the awesome new friends. Are you going to Blogher?

    • Hey Bay – Oh I bet you’re having so much fun in Disneyland! 🙂

      I was so anxious, too – it’s so hard to be away from our little ones – and you were by no means a ‘weepy nut’ – not unless I was, too! 😉

      I’ll be at BlogHer for work – are you going?! 🙂

      • I’m pretty sure I’m going, sponsor or not! 🙂 If not I’m sure I could hop on a train to hit up a cocktail party or two!

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