The Terrible 1 and 1/2’s

Pineapple has lost her mind.

I’m not even kidding.

I actually read in one of my many, many, many (many) parenting books that when a toddler totally freaks, they have literally lost their minds…momentarily. In Pineapple’s case, it may be more than ‘momentarily.’

Lately, she has started just absolutely losing it when she’s not getting her way. My child actually threw herself onto the floor – kicking her legs and pounding her fists because I would not let her stand on a barstool. You may have read about how clumsy she is…if not, take it from me, standing on a stool is not an option for her.

She also screamed, and writhed, and headbutted DH when he picked her up from the staircase in order to assist her up the stairs.

And yesterday, she actually waggled her finger at me and said “no, no, no Mama!” when I took her marker from her!

We didn’t think this was supposed to happen until she was at LEAST 2! But it does remind me of a few years ago when my bestie, Karen, was talking to me about her little girl. I think her exact words were: “It’s hard to believe that something soooo cute can be soooooooooo BAD!”

I mean, honestly ;lkj;ljhhafsgvIlfiwaeguiaherfi8*&^TYUIHIOhjgls…..PUT THAT DOWN! GET OFF THE COUNTER! OMGeeeeeee!

Gotta run!

XOXO Rachael

2 thoughts on “The Terrible 1 and 1/2’s

    • Oy vey…honestly, we’re working on not “threatening” the time outs and instead actually doing them…and the really bad part??? It’s SO FUNNY when she does it! We have to literally step outside of the room or turn around to laugh! 😛

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