Mom 2.0 Summit…so far….

I’m going to try doing things here at the Mom 2.0 Summit a bit differently than I did at Blissdom ’10 and provide some info along the way….we’re only a few hours into the first full day, so this will be brief (yeah, right…like it’s possible for me to brief…) but here goes:

The Four Seasons in Houston is absolutely lovely. Everyone here is so nice. And given that yesterday was my birthday and I was here all alone (cue the pity party music) they went out of their way to make me feel as though I’d celebrated the day in style.

Registration was simple and I got to meet @sthrnnfairytale which ROCKED – she’s so nice! and she made me feel right at home. Thanks lady!

The Kirtsy bags are super cute – provided by Land’s End – and had some neat items from Nintendo and Volkswagon, among others, but weren’t overloaded.

The party last night was NEAT! So many people dressed up in cool “Mad Men-esque” attire – my dress was a LEETLE crazy but I think it was appropriate – had a few people say they liked it – but they may have just been being very nice. There was even a guy that had a pseudo cigarette and I saw several impressions of Peter’s wife! Also, just a little sidenote….I met @Dooce.

She was sitting all alone on a couch – no entourage – can you believe it?! – and being all alone myself, I thought…what the hell…and I walked up and said “I really like your haircut – I think it’s super cute” and explained that I wanted that haircut but was told by my stylist that there was no way in cuss I was gonna pull that one off. Anyway, she was super nice and really gracious!

This morning, Gretchen Rubin, author of The Happiness Project, was one of the presenters at the keynote and her story was so neat. And honest. I had her book with me – though I could have purchased it at the conference – and she was kind enough to sign it for me. I talked to her about my own happiness list and she was very encouraging. She was a great lady and reminded me of my Aunt Marilyn (HI! AUNT MARILYN!)

Last, but not least, I had my picture taken with those famous critters, Alvin and the Chipmunks this morning. The folks from Fox are here with some great movies and information to share and they had photographer Steven ( taking pictures for us. Most importantly, I had my picture taken with Theodore – he’s my FAVE – and I’m POSITIVE that Pineapple is going to FREAK OUT! when she sees the pictures! Can’t wait to show her – but here’s a sneak peak for you:


Tomorrow, I’m planning to stop by the Oscar Meyer video booth to record my “Good Mood Moment” video. For every “Good Mood Moment” recorded, the Oscar Mayer brand is donating a pound of food to Feeding America® to reach the total goal of 2 million pounds of food as part of the Oscar Mayer Good Mood Mission! What a great cause and a great idea! (I can think of about a zillion good mood moments…wonder how many they’ll let me do… 😉 )

For today, I’m here for my day job and my friend Evan Lew, Product Manager for Microsoft Office Web Apps (@Office), will be talking in a panel discussion about cloud computing later this afternoon. He’s a great guy and I’m actually looking forward to the session so I can get some good tips for storing my blog drafts and images – yes, I do PR for tech products but I am sooo not technical!

Tonight…it’s dinner at The House of Blues! YAHOO!

Anyway, I’m having fun and learning a lot – will share more tomorrow – and for now – ‘howdy do’ from the Mom 2.0 Summit in Houston!

XOXO Rachael

UPDATE: Bay (@queenmotherblog) wants to see my Mad Men-ish dress…so what Bay wants, Bay gets! Let me know what you think!

18 thoughts on “Mom 2.0 Summit…so far….

    • But of course, dear! And I’m just so excited to be here! What a great conference so far – and what a neat opportunity! Just soaking up the great advice, tips and knowledge these amazing folks and sponsors are willing to share!

      See you in a bit!

    • Alvin is a STINKER! That’s why I love Theodore – he’s so sweet and cute! 🙂

      I am SO lucky to be attending these conferences! So much fun, so many interesting folks, and so much incredible information!

      Maybe we’ll meet in person at one soon! 🙂

  1. It sounds like you’re having a great time! I hope you aren’t missing me too much 😀 I really do want to see a pic of your Mad Men dress, did you take one? I wish I was there with ya. Have fun!!
    ❤ Bay

  2. Oh I love the dress! I think it’s very time period appropriate; how could you think it was crazy? It’s not over the top at all.
    Thanks for posting it for me 🙂 I think more people need to latch on to the “what Bay wants, Bay gets” attitude! ❤

    • Thank you! I was really nervous about that dress!

      And I’m a firm believer in the “What Bay wants, Bay gets” movement…I have a banner and everything! 😉

      Miss ya girlie!

      Kisses to Rayna!

      XOXO Rach

    • OK – I may have to start sleeping in this dress! I had no idea it was so FABU! Maybe I should do a whole series in which I take a pic of something I have in my closet but have been too frightened to wear and get an opinion from y’all! Hmmmm…..

  3. Hi! So great meeting you at Mom 2.0 and talking books. I hope that you decide to see TTTW (movie) so that I can hear what you thought of the movie ending. Please stay in touch so that we can talk books! Hope your trip back was smooth and cough-free.


    • LOL! Thanks, Gayle – it was wonderful meeting you, as well! I’ll definitely be watching the movie – looking forward to it! And I’m planning to read Her Fearful Symmetry – I’ll share my thoughts once done!

      Oh – and it WAS cough-free! (Thank goodness for small miracles! 🙂 )

  4. I LOVE the dress! You are so stylish woman! And oh my, did Mom 2.0 sound fun. Next year (along with like all the other conferences, right?!).

    Did you know Dooce has a TLC show starting soon. Yep.

    P.S. Going to email you about the software. Installed and wow, looks so different! Loving it, but have no idea what I’m doing! I’m not such a good techie sometimes, probably b/c I’m not really a techie (only act like one!). 😉

    • I wish you’d been there! Next year, for sure!

      I heard about the show! What a neat opportunity – I’m looking forward to watching it – I thought it was on HDTV, though…one and the same??? Maybe, I’m so exhausted I’m questioning my own sanity at this point! 😛

      Can’t wait to hear your thoughts – let me know if you need anything from me!


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