Mom 2.0 Summit was Great!…But I Want to Talk About the Beach

Mom 2.0 was a blast – I had so much fun meeting some really smart ladies and learning some things about blogging (and specifically about blogging conferences) that I know will help me going forward. I also met with Michael Damian and his wife, Jeanine, about their new movie, Flicka 2. They were so gracious and their take on the film was really interesting – I’ll be sharing more about that later, after I’ve had a chance to watch the film. All in all, the conference was great and I highly recommend attending!

And though it was great and I could write several more posts about it, I’d rather talk about what happened the day after I returned home…

Monday, I had the opportunity to make a day trip over to the Pacific Ocean with my sister, her husband, my niece, my father, and my Pineapple. DH couldn’t get away from work, so we soldiered on without him.

First, you should know that riding in a car is hard work for a wee Pineapple – so, she slept most of the way:

Once we arrived, we made our way down the coast a bit to check out some whale watching spots (no whales though; dang it) and fed some seagulls – which Pineapple LOVED! She screamed and chased gulls around yelling “BIRDBIRDBIRD”!!!!!!

Then we made our way up the coast to the Pelican Pub & Brewery where we proceeded to make a ridiculous mess at our table. After grabbing our pints (and apple juice in Pineapple’s case), we walked outside to the deck on the sand. Pineapple had not yet been in the sand or played in the ocean, so as we walked out the door and she saw the little crest of a hill, which was much too high for her to see over, she toddled over to test it out. Placing her tiny hands in the sand, she raked her fingers through and turned to look at me with a giant smile on her face. She immediately spun around and clambered up the little hill to the very top – with me following closely behind, of course – and upon reaching the summit, stood and brushed her hands on her tiny jeans. Then….she looked up.


Squealing and pointing and smiling and spinning to look at all of us and point and squeal, she turned and RAN down the little hill toward the water.

We chased after her and I caught up with her as she was nearing the water. Her aunt Lulu pulled her shoes and socks off and rolled her tiny jeans up while I removed mine and did the same. Then Pineapple and I held hands and made our way out toward the ocean…with her tapping her tiny feet and digging in her little toes, squealing the whole way. I took us a wee bit too far out, unfortunately, and had to turn around and RUN back out of the water as it rolled in – soaking my pants up to the knees! Pineapple loved it and giggled the whole way.

Once back on firmer ground, aunt Lulu took this picture of Pineapple and I:

Later, we had the opportunity to stay overnight in a beach house. Unfortunately, it was an unplanned event, so none of us had clothes. I bought a pair of men’s sweatpants and happened to have a shirt I bought at the Mom 2.0 Summit to support relief for Haiti. I was able to repurpose it for Pineapple to sleep in:

See?…What you are doing DOES matter! (At least that’s what the shirt says 😉 )

6 thoughts on “Mom 2.0 Summit was Great!…But I Want to Talk About the Beach

    • She was so adorable. It was such a memory and I’m just so sad that DH wasn’t there! He is so bummed about it, too. But we’re planning another trip over to the coast soon – so he can see her go NUTS in the waves!

  1. Impromptu family trip sounds so fun! And awesome of Pineapple to go with the flow (and her cutie makeshift onesie). When we go anywhere we have to bring the pack and play, the white noise, make sure she can’t see us….it’s less than ideal 🙂

    So what do you think, Mom 2.0 or Blissdom? 🙂

    • Believe me, I was so upset that I didn’t have the pack-n’play but she was a total trooper about sleeping on the bunk bed (lower, of course) and being such a good girl. When she woke up that morning, she just sat up and started talking – didn’t even try to get up! I think we’re getting closer and closer to her big girl bed – this summer, probably! :S

      And I have to tell you – it’s a close one – but I personally prefer Blissdom. There are so many reasons why I love both of them but for me, as a content blogger, I just got more out of Blissdom. I should talk to Tamara about that for her new site,! 😉

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