Coming Un-glued

Ever feel like you’re coming unglued?

I do.

Ever feel like you’re stuck on that big hamster wheel of life and I’m running your little paws off….but not getting anywhere?

Let’s say, for instance, that your mom knows that you’re running with all your might on that wheel and she’s praising your pants off. But for some reason, your best friend just missed it all. And just like that…all that effort…just seems like it was wasted. (Hey mom and bestie – this is a METAPHOR – you didn’t miss anything! Promise! 😉 )

Well, sometimes life just decides you’ve been feeling too good about all your running and takes you down a peg…or 20. But you’ve got to go about your day anyway – be productive – and do the things that the day requires of you. Meet the needs of those around you. Play a game with your kid with a smile plastered on your face…despite the fact that you’re feeling disillusioned, disgruntled, and demotivated. So, I thought I’d share my sure-fire ways to make that downswinging day move in the right direction – hopefully they’ll help someone out there!

  • Tweet at a friend. The internet can be a lifesaver – literally – so reach out. Ask for help. Let your Twitter pals know that “Hey! My day is kinda sucky and I could use a pep talk!” They’ll come through for you – I promise.
  • Call someone whom you KNOW will actually answer the phone. We all know folks who can’t or don’t answer the phone each time you call but calling someone you’re certain will pick-up means a lot. And if they pick up, they’re probably willing to listen to you cry, rant or just complain – at least for a little while. Just be sure you return the favor sometime! 😉
  • Take a hot bath. Hot baths are underrated. I bet if Khan had access to more hot baths, he would have had a much more peaceful life. (And for all my geeky friends – you know who you are – I mean Ghengis Khan…not Khan from The Wrath of Khan. 😉 ) And if you can take a good glass of wine in the bath with you, then even better!
  • Get away for a little while. It is difficult to take time for yourself – particularly when you are a full-time employee, a mommy, and wife – but it is important to take that time. You need it and you deserve it. Head to the bookstore (my fave) or the salon. Whatever makes you feel good; do it. My friend always says that when she’s sick, she gets up and does her makeup and gets dressed anyway – pampering yourself a little can work wonders.
  • Spend time hugging your kid. Hugging my kid is like getting a boost from the Energizer bunny. Particularly when she hugs me back. Those wee arms around my neck?…BLISS.
  • Do something productive that you really enjoy…like writing a blog post! See?! This one helped me – and writing one of your own might help you. Need proof? Just check out some of the bio’s on other blog sites…lots of folks have turned to the internet for support and encouragement. You can, too. Plus, it gives you a nice feeling of accomplishment!
  • Go for a walk. This one is a bit difficult for me given that I live in PDX and it rains so darned much here. So, when there IS a sunny (or at least rain-free) day, you can bet I’m out in it – enoying the weather. Plus exercise = endorphins which = happiness. And according to Elle Woods, “happy people just don’t kill people” (or something like that).
  • Call your significant other. I know, I know – but really, give it a shot. If it’s your husband, he may surprise you by NOT trying to solve your problem and instead, just listening! (I’m not saying it’s a guaranteed response, but miracles DO happen. 😉 )

So what do YOU do when you have the ‘blahs’ and you’re feeling UNDERwhelmed by your day-to-day grind? Would love to hear your turn-the-day-around tips!

XOXO Rachael

8 thoughts on “Coming Un-glued

  1. Sarah says:

    -Turn on Pandora and drown out the world (and my noisy cube-mates) with some feel-good music….worship when I need a little divine inspiration. Oldies when I want to pretend I’m going to the Beach, 90’s throwback when I want to remember the good ole’ days… you get the idea.
    -Get a little treat. Raid the candy bowl, make some hot cocoa, visit Sbux. Yes, I realize rewarding yourself with food is a fitness no-no but when you’re not fit, it doesn’t count does it?
    -Write a quick passive aggressive email or notepad post but then wisely delete it after venting
    -Schedule a Happy Hour or Girl time
    -Plan something to look fwd to…a fun weekend activity, maybe a night off a few weeks or months out, etc.
    -One word: vodka

    • Love it, Sarah! What great suggestions – I love Pandora but always forget about it!

      And I agree with your one word and raise you a tequila! See you at girl’s night!

      XOXO Rachael

  2. Why do I feel like this all the time? 😉 Hope your hamster wheel slows down sometime soon!

    And I’m one of those geeks maybe; I immediately thought of Khan Noonien Singh(!)

    ❤ Bay

    • HAHAH! OH Bay! Aaaaand that’s one of the MANY reasons why you rule.

      I hope your hamster wheel slows down a bit, as well – maybe we need more hamster treats…I think I’m on to something. 🙂

  3. My fave is our local Barnes and Noble and a good book, my journal, and talking to God about all that “stuff.”

    Oh and reading great blog posts from women who are okay with being real and transparent.

    • What is it about a bookstore that is sooo relaxing! I enjoy B&N and Borders, as well…but my favorite is Powell’s.

      I don’t think they have those where you are, Janna but they are just great and located here in the PacNW. They resell books and you can find good, affordable used books in great shape…they also have coffee! 🙂

      Looking forward to your Feed Me Books Friday post this week, too! (See??? I have the button in my panel!)

      XOXO Rachael

  4. I knit so I don’t kill people. Seriously…my one tiny grasp that I have on sanity is in the form of two pointy sticks and string.

    Other helpers for me have been chocolate, retail therapy (especially if buying yarn – yarn ALWAYS fits), and some time in a bath with a good book.

    • I actually had a melt down a few months ago and bought a bunch of make up…not sure where that one came from but it falls under “retail therapy” I suppose. 😉

      I knit. But only scarves. I totally suck at it and would love to do hats but cannot figure out how to do it! 😛

      And ahhhhh….chocolate. nom, nom, nom…..

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