Wordy Wednesday (Sorry, ‘word-LESS’ Doesn’t Work For Me)

February was an interesting month for Pineapple. I was travelling quite a bit – to both the Blissdom Conference and the Mom 2.0 Summit – and then we had a memorable trip to the beach. She wasn’t sick too much resulting in an over-all pretty active time for her  (though she did develop ear infections and a bit of a cold in the last week or so – *sigh*). She also exchanged Valentines – hers were a tiny package with strawberry applesauce, 3 strawberry marshmallows, and a little card with kitties and puppies. She got to spend some time with her Aunt Tay Tay, Uncle PP, and her Lulu – all of whom have odd names, clearly, but love her too, too much! She’s walking well – talking up a storm! – and has even turned into a little mimic (last night she was crossing her arms like mommy). All of these new advances have also led to some pretty serious preferences….and fits…but with some help from my mom friends on the interwebs, Parenting, and several conversations at those blogging conferences, we’re learning to manage it. I hope everyone else had a lovely month o’ love….as you can see, everything was coming up roses for my Pineapple!

On a seperate note – I’d love to hear what others did for their child’s Valentine exchange. Pineapple received one that was a small box of raisins with a heart sticker – I thought that was brilliant! Please share!!!

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