We have one of those Amish fireplaces which we were given as a gift by my inlaws. It’s in our bedroom and it rocks. It can SERIOUSLY put out some heat and the little simulated ‘firelight’ is actually kinda nice. Until recently, when the bulbs completely burnt out, this was the primary nightlight in our bedroom….but when they went dark, it got me searching around our house for some other sort of nightlight…and I discovered a few things….

First, I should probably back up and explain our sleeping arrangements. You see, our home is a split level home with the master bedroom and bath on the bottom floor and everything else on the top floor – including Pineapple’s room. You enter somewhere near the middle and have a really neat Alice In Wonderland-ish option of going up…or going down. Although our house needs some work – modernization, a few improvements, etc. – I fell in love with it the first time we entered the front door. Of course, this was pre-Pineapple and well, I didn’t fully think through the whole “she’ll be upstairs and we’ll be downstairs” scenario. Let’s just say that the idea of putting my baby in a crib down two hallways and upstairs from where I sleep did not instill in me any feelings of comfort and ease. As a result, we outfitted Pineapple’s room and we also purchased a baby bed for our master bedroom…and…wellllll….this is where she still sleeps.

Before you get all “Rachael is a big weirdo who can’t sleep more than 2 feet away from her kid” just think about this for a moment: it’s cold where we are. And we have ELECTRIC WALL HEATERS. They aren’t particularly safe and fall in the category of ‘one of those things we need to fix.’ And I just CAN’T LET HER SLEEP UP THERE WITH THAT HEATER AND BEING SO FAR AWAY! *sigh*

So, there. Now you know the ugly truth.

And now that you understand our sleeping arrangements, you’ll understand the need for a good nightlight and why I valued the mock fire crackling in the corner of the room.

While on my hunt for a new nightlight, I came across several that were scattered through my home with no apparent rhyme or reason. One was a Febreze dual-misty + nighlight do-hickey that had no more misting that was out. Another was this really pretty little bronze colored glass overplated with some sort of metallic frame that looked like lattice work – but it was too dim. I found a turtle that was given to Pineapple by her ADQ before she was born. He’s super neat and projects a real starry night sky on the ceiling – in three different colors no-less – and comes with a chart of the stars. But he’s kinda bright and kinda distracting and Pineapple kinda likes to shout and point at the stars more than she likes to sleep. So, monsieur tortue (that’s French for “Mr. Turtle” – because he’s fancy) is only allowed out to play during awake times. In my desperation for light during our brief stint without any illumination, I used a flashlight, a reading light and my phone alternately to check on Pineapple or navigate the room. I also scooched a smidge closer to DH during the night – his warmth and presence are a nightlight of their own, in many ways. But I finally found a good nightlight; one that was given to me by my stepmom for Christmas. It’s a fleur de lis – in honor of my original home state of Louisiana – and it has a wee sensor that determines if the night is in need of a little light.

But all this hunting for a nightlight made me wonder why we need them in the first place. I know why I need a nightlight: I’m scared of the dark. And I know why most people want one: so they can feel comforted when their sleep is interrupted or they’re feeling a little vulnerable. So that made me think…am I Pineapple’s nightlight? Does she look to me in the night for help and security and comfort? Yeah. She kinda does.

I’m a nightlight. Who’da thunk it?

On a totally seperate note, check out my “I Like to Read (A Lot)” post about the Twilight mock-fanfic book called “Nightlight.” And enjoy!

8 thoughts on “Nightlight

  1. “his warmth and presence are a nightlight of their own, in many ways”

    Awwww! I hope you read this to him. How beautiful and sweet.

    I don’t think I would sleep well being that far away from my girl either.

    • When I told him that my friend Janna said he should read this post, he said “why? are you making fun of me again?” – SHOCK AND HORROR – can you believe he would think that? Oh? You can? Yeah – I guess I can see why. 😉

      I don’t WANT her to go upstairs. I’m certain I will cry. 😦

  2. I like thiat! I am a nightlight, too! And, if you want the truth, I first did it by choice/SIDS guidelines/son had sleep apnea. When baby girl came along, I just preferred it. Little man wakes up, walks right to the side of my bed for water, and crawls right on up with me!

    • I like having her nearby – it’s comforting to ME to hear her sigh every now and again. I’ll admit, it’s about time she goes to her own space, but I love having her close. DH snores, though…so…well, I think she’d get better sleep in her room…come to think of it…maybe I would get better sleep in her room….hmmmm. 😉

  3. Ok….you are so cool to actually own one of those informercial Amish fireplaces! I’ve always wondered about them. 😉

    I hear you with the split level issue. We were looking to move last year and all we saw were splits. I couldn’t have one kid upstairs and one down or us down. Nope. Wouldn’t work. It’d be like a circus clown car in our room – everyone sleeping together. No thanks!

    Miss you lady!


    • You should totally get a fireplace – they’re really neat and they totally work! And they really do save a bundle in electricity.

      Yeah – the split level thing is a real challenge for us! I’m gonna have to figure it out this summer though…that’s the gauntlet DH has thrown down…she has to be in her own room by then. *sigh*

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