Not Going Green – Wordy Wednesday


Put me down in the ‘bad mommy’ category…I forgot to dress Pineapple in green for St. Patrick’s Day. All the other little wee one at her daycare were dressed up but Pineapple is wearing black and pink.

So, no picture of her today for Wordy Wednesday because I feel bad. Pineapple, when you look back on this someday from the therapists chair…please know that I felt guilty all day. Poor, no-green-wearing, probably gettin’ pinched constantly, gonna be super upset one day when she reads this, Pineapple.

XOXO Mommy

DISCLAIMER: Seriously folks, if that kid ends up in the therapists chair over a lack of green clothing at 18 months for a holiday that celebrates the removal of snakes from Ireland, then I’ve failed as a parent in monumental ways. Just sayin.’ Doesn’t mean I don’t feel bad, though. *sigh*

2 thoughts on “Not Going Green – Wordy Wednesday

  1. In over 15 years of being a therapist I’ve never had to diagnose a child with PTSD related to:
    Being pinched on St. Patrick’s Day
    Trauma related to any hue in the green spectrum.

    You aren’t a failure! Crack open a green beer and toast your fabulous parenting and don’t worry about it any more!

    • Aaaaaaand, that’s one MORE reason that I love you, Devra!

      I actually thought of your and your FAB book (Mommy Guilt) when I was writing this post…the disclaimer was for your benefit because I just knew you’d read this and shake your head thinking “that Rachael is so redonkulous!” 🙂

      I’ll drink a green beer and I’m serving Pineapple green eggs! And I’m so glad that green-specrum trauma isn’t a typical diagnosis for any disorders! 😉

      MISS YOU!

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