The Weirdest Post Evah

Today I met with some lovely new bloggy friends – @OurOrdinaryLife and @Sinfully_Cute. We had a wonderful time getting to know one another and just chatting about loads of stuff we enjoy.

At a certain point during the conversation, we began discussing search engine optimization – see? We’re SMART bloggers! – and I mentioned that while I was at the Mom 2.0 Summit an SEO specialist told me that the 2 most searched words online are “corn” (not really “corn” – see UPDATE below) and “lice.” The first, I totally get…I mean, honestly…but the second….REALLY?

Being the enterprising women that we are, we made a pact: each of us would go home this evening and write our very own post which would include these often-searched terms. We also agreed to use the word “cuss” as much as possible…just like a certain fox and his friends would.

I’ve clearly taken the “safe” route with this post but true to our conversation, I will provide a couple of example sentences:

  • What the cuss are people doing searching for corn so much on the interwebs? I mean…cuss that is just gross!
  • How many cussin’ people are infected with lice at this very moment that it’s one of the most searched cussin’ terms? That is cussin’ terrifying.
  • Holy CUSS! My sister-in-law’s dog is totally cussin’ haunted!

<CUSS!> The cussin’ video of the dog won’t download. Cuss, cuss, cuss. Well, just imagine a SUPER tiny chihuahua puppy eating a special treat from his dog bowl…then the dog TOTALLY levitates. And no, I’m not making this up. And no, it wasn’t a trick. His little back-end lifts completely up off the ground as if someone were trying to lift him up – and his front paws raise up a wee bit, too. It is cussin’ creepy and I had chills all up and down the back of my neck all cussin’ day after watching that video. I promise, if I can figure out how to get it the cuss off of my text messages, I’ll post it!

Oh and also, I’ll let you know if our little experiment works. I think Kate Gosselin would be proud.


UPDATE: Upon further thought…I don’t really want folks that are searching for the “p-word” to end up here…so, I’m going to go back in and replace the “p-word” with corn. So, when you see “corn” replace the “c” in “corn” with a “p” and this post will make more sense. Cause really…ew.

2 thoughts on “The Weirdest Post Evah

  1. Ha! At a blog conference I went to someone was saying they were advised to put words like “corn” and related stuff in their alt tags to get more traffic. But, hello? As she said, do you really want angry people looking for “corn” on your blog? There are some scary people out there.


  2. Hey Abby! Totally! I seriously wrote the post with the ACTUAL word – not corn – and then I was like “wait a minute…what sort of creepazoids will be hunting around for my blog”??? EW. Not cool. So I changed it to corn instead. : ) I still feel as thought I’m upholding my end of the agreement though, since the actual term is implied…right?


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