Quirky McQuirkerson

The Unexperienced Mom calls…and I answer.

For this week’s Top 3 Thursday meme, she’s asking us to identify our quirks. My first thought was “Quirks? I don’t think I have those.” My second thought was…”Is that a quirk?”

So into the fray I go:

Quirk #1: I’m ADDICTED to hand sanitizer. I have approximately 3 bottles on or near my person at any given moment. They are on my desk, in my purse, in my makeup bag in my purse, in my car (2 different spots) and in the diaper bag. While I’m not loyal to any particular scent, I do prefer a brand: Bath & Body Works ‘Pocket Bac’ is the best. It smells nice and the bottles are teeny tiny – perfect for throwing them in bags or pockets when travelling. I’m a total germaphobe and I’m fine with that.

Quirk #2: I PANIC when people turn on those vent blower thingies in the public restrooms. (Yes, I realize that this is another germ quirk – I told you, I’m fine with that.) Those things are big cesspools of germs and nastiness. I’m certain that bacteria spends the night crawling up in there from the damp counter tops, sinks and toilets and then it when someone inevitably pushes the ‘on’ button, they blow their superheated germs all over the room. Whenever someone turns one of those on, I hold my breath. If I go to the restroom with a friend, I make a point of LOUDLY proclaiming this belief and my aversion to these contraptions in the hopes that nobody will turn them on. It rarely works.

Quirk #3: According to my friend @aholly, one of my quirks is my manner of speaking. She concedes that the reason this may seem quirky to her is that I’m from the South and she’s a PacNW’er but with regards to some of my ‘sayings,’ she may have a point. For example, when I was preggo with Pineapple, I referred to myself as ‘the tick.’ I felt like this big, overly-bloated thing that needed to just fall off the dang dog already! I’m also fond of saying “well, crap on a cracker.” And my cursing is sorta out there, I guess – my favorite ‘curse phrase’ is “GOD BLESS AMERICA!” That one gets me through the day. My friend tells me there are oodles and piles of these sorts of sayings. I personally think she’s been drinkin’ from the jug so her applecart is wobbly…but that could just be me.

XOXO Rachael

12 thoughts on “Quirky McQuirkerson

    • My friends literally buy it for me in bulk. No joke. I’m a straight up addict. But the funny thing is, I don’t like the hand sanitizer lotions…I don’t know why…they just don’t feel as “clean.” Yes, I have a problem. 😛

      And I’m glad to not be alone in my love of hand sanitizer! 🙂

    • Yeah – those hand dryers that you turn on – the hair dryers on the walls…like in Desperately Seeking Susan when she dries her underarms?…yeah…that image MAY or may not contribute to my phobia. I’m not FULLY blaming Madonna…but I kinda am.

      Go hubs who like sanitizer! Clean guys rule! 🙂

      BTW – great topic today!

  1. My son is obsessed with hand sanitizer so much that we bought some little ones to hide everywhere. He is in the “peanut allergy” class so we wash our hands a LOT around here!


    • Peanut allergies are a serious struggle! I can’t imagine having to struggle with that – so many risky situations that were well intentioned…like a simple peanut butter cookie or pb&j. Oy vey!

      But it’s good he likes to wash his hands! Seems like so few kiddos like to! 😉

  2. Sarah says:

    To add to quirk 3 don’t forget you have the BEST FAMILY NAMES EVAH!!! Have you posted on that yet? If not, you gotta get on that. Metta Martine or Betty Jo or Jim Bob or whatever….I heart them!!!!!

    PS: your phrases and “cussing” are amazing. Agreed.

    • HAHA! Yes – family names are quite quirky! I should do a post on that – sort of a historical look at the questionable names within my fam…good idea Sarah! Be on the lookout for that post. 🙂

  3. blue bayou says:

    what a sad world this would be without all the QUIRKY people in it! and I speak as one who knows first hand. LOVE THE PINEAPPLE!

  4. Have I mentioned you crack my stuff up?! 😉 You do…

    I have the same quirk with the hand sanitizer. All over – my house and in my car, etc. Make sure we all wash our hands FIRST THING when we come in the house, too. I knew there was a reason we got on so well!

    Miss you girlie…we are all trying to get a Skype chat going one night to catch up – even just an IM type chat. Are you on there? I am “theunexperiencedmom” of course.

    Sorry it took me so long to stop by.

    Thanks for playing!


    P.S. Yes, the therapists would be bored without people having quirks!

    • Hey! I’m so glad to see I’m not alone in my hand sanitizer – and to be fair, cleaning – obsession. Our house smells strongly of Lysol, I’m embarrassed to say…I’m ADDICTED! I should be on one of those Bravo shows or whatever about being addicted – only it wouldn’t be drugs…it would be I’m Addicted to Clean Hands!!! AAAAAAACKK! 😉

      A Skype chat sounds like fun! I miss you all so much. I’m so glad you have blogs I can read and catch up on your lives!

      MISS YOU! XOXO Rachael

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