Naptime is for Wussies

As I type this, Pineapple is in her bed, squealing and screaming and shaking her bed rails. An hour ago, she passed out in the car, just moments away from home, after an “eventful” (read: alternately throwing herself on the floor of Costco or trying to climb on the various display racks) trip to the store. Now, here she is: fed and in bed…PRIMED for a nap. But will she?


Why you ask? Because she’s TOO tired. I think.

I’ve been too tired. You want to sleep, you’re exhausted but for some reason, you just lie there staring at the ceiling. It’s FRUSTRATING.

Bear in mind, I fully recognize that this reluctance to nap is totally my fault. In my misguided attempt to give her a better nap, I woke her up and forced her to eat some lunch before putting her to bed.


The many (many, many, many) pitfalls of parenting.

How do you handle this? When your kiddo was asleep…but needs to eat…or should be sleeping but just won’t? Any tried and true methods from other parents out there? Because the only thing I’m hearing around this house is “ALL DONE” being squealed from the nursery.

11 thoughts on “Naptime is for Wussies

  1. blue bayou says:

    My tried and true motto, ” If their asleep, DON’T wake them up! ”
    They ate when they woke up, maybe not a meal, but, a healthy snack until lunch/dinner. Trust me they will be fine as frog hair!

    • You’re totally right. I should have just let her sleep rather than attempt to impose her schedule…she did NOT appreciate the effort – that’s for sure! 😛 My walls are COVERED in “noonles” (that’s noodles 😉 )

  2. Parenting is so hard. And you know what, I would have done the same thing as you. When my kids (I have triplets) fall asleep in the car before lunch, I wake them fun and make them eat. Then I let them play for about 30 longer than I normally would. I then put them in their room for nap. If they are having a hard time falling asleep I sit in the room with them. I am not there to cuddle and be all lovey, I am there to make sure they lay down and go to sleep. It works for me. Hope you get naps figured out, no naps suck!

    Stopped over from SITS.

  3. When I reach that god-awful moment knowing that naptime is near and definitely needed… I pray they don’t fall asleep in the car… but if they do…. and I’m going home…. admittedly, I leave them sleep in the carseats!

    • LOL! I have truly learned my lesson on this one. Last weekend, DH and I clapped our hands, danced, snapped our fingers and sang loudly to keep her awake on the drive home from her grandparents’ house – it was crazy – but it worked! 🙂

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