I feel pretty…oh so pretty!

I went to the Beauty Bar last night and it was BEAUTIFUL!

My friend Kris invited me to join her for an afternoon of martinis and manicures…for only $10! Every day beginning at 4PM, you can get a featured martini and a manicure for only $10. I opted for “The Bubbles” which is house infused bubble gum vodka, marschino and sparkling wine…aka YUM.MY. I also let the super cute little manicurist with ADORABLE hair I couldn’t pull off in a million years pick my nail color…Robin’s Egg Blue. It is too cool for school! My friend Kris had “The Francoise” – house infused lemon vodka, raspberry and sparkling wine – and picked glittery purple for her nails.

It was so much fun just visiting and hanging out at such a neat, girl-friendly bar. There are hair dryer chairs all around the room and great 50’s-60’s mod decor throughout…like this:

It sort of reminded me of my Mamaw. I know…you’re thinking “drinking at a bar reminded your of your mamaw??” and then you’re thinking “what the hell is a mamaw?” A mamaw is a southern grandma…and Mamaw was MY grandma – my dad’s mom. She owned a beauty parlor when I was little. I still remember the smell – permanent and hair dye. And there were those fantastic containers of blue fluid with combs soaking on all the counters (if you know what that blue stuff is, I’m dying to know – I always assumed it was Windex…). She also had this fantastic old Coca-Cola machine – it was one of the super old fashioned cases that you inserted your dime in then lifted the lid to get your coke out of the “ice box.” The cokes were usually just a LITTLE bit frozen which is why I personally believe that an ice cold coke is one of the best things on earth! I used to spend a lot of time in her shop, dancing and performing for the little old ladies having their hair done (don’t even tell me you’re surprised to learn that fact about me) – and often, they would bring me little presents or give me quarters for my performances – which included tap, jazz and ballet. I have really fond memories of that time in my life and of my Mamaw…and this fun, nifty little bar with its quirky salon-esque atmosphere brought it all back…in a good way.

If you live in the PDX area and would like to check out the Beauty Bar, it is located at 111 SW Ash Street. You can also check out their website or learn more on facebook. They have nightly drink specials and their Martini & Manicure Happy Hour starts weekdays at 4PM and on Saturdays at 6PM. I HIGHLY recommend it!

DISCLOSURE: I did not receive compensation in any form for this post. This information is simply my personal opinion.

9 thoughts on “I feel pretty…oh so pretty!

  1. I think the blue stuff is Barbacide, disinfectant ;o)

    Sounds so fun, I wish there was something like that in my area (booze + spa treatments, lol!)

  2. Waaaahhhh! I want to go! I’m SO jealous. They need something like that where I live. I want to see a pic of the robin’s egg blue nails!

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