Teepee? Tent? House of wonderful?

Pineapple recently received a wonderful gift from her very special Aunt Tay Tay. That gift came in the form of a teepee/tent/florally pink parachute material structure that is currently taking up the middle of her bedroom. And let me just say – she is PLEASED as PUNCH!

Pineapple has been having so much fun in her tent. And it’s a GREAT toy because it can be set up nearly anywhere, moved around easily – it’s super light – and it can even go outside in the yard on sunny days. It’s also nice because it gives her an opportunity to be creative.

Last night, she was in the tent and I was laying with only my top portion inside (because let’s be honest…I’m not exactly kid tent sized anymore) and she informed me that she wanted to go “night night.” So, I got her a blanket, we spread it out on the floor of the tent and she proceeded to lie down and say “night night mama” and shoo me out the door.

I stood outside – and peeked in the mesh at the top – waiting for her to decide what to do next. A few moments later, a toy came flying out. It was a little bug on wheels. I rolled it back in and stood back. Out it came, again. “No, no, no bug!” I heard from inside the tent. At this point, I was attempting to silently giggle.

A few minutes of silence went by and Pineapple crawled out of the tent. She looked around the room for a second and then walked over to her miniature baby bed which was full of her babies. She grabbed two miniature blankets and a couple of babies, and toted them all back inside the tent – “shutting the door” on her way.

Next, I heard “night night baby!” and some smacking noises. I peeked in the meshing and Pineapple was arranging her babies all around the inside of the tent – “tucking them in” – rather forcefully, I might add – and covering them with the little blankets. Then she got herself comfortable and informed everyone that she was going “night night” and “shhhhh.”


Too cute.

So, thank you Tay Tay for all of the wonderful adventures Pineapple is sure to have in her tent! When I was little, we built forts out of the couch cushions and created caves underneath the trundle bed. A tent would have RULED.

I know Pineapple likes it – it’s pretty obvious:

Does your kiddo have a favorite, creative-play toy? Share your ideas!


6 thoughts on “Teepee? Tent? House of wonderful?

  1. I love watching them / hearing them take care of their babies! B just turned 2 and believe me you are going to be laughing at all the stuff she is going to be coming up with the more she talks.

    At the library we were putting our bks in our bag and she said “Thank you lady! I love it!”

    • Too cute! And B is already 2?! Wow! I can’t believe it! She’s so big!

      I hope Pineapple always takes good care of her babies – a friend told me that they treat their babies the way they are treated…so as long as those babies are getting hugs and kisses and cuddles and “tuck ins,” I’ll continue to feel OK about sending her to daycare! 😛 🙂

      Miss ya!

  2. I miss my sweet little Pineapple. She needs her aunt Tay-Tay! I should be in the tent with her! (She lets me in. I have a vip pass to the tent)

    • She is VERY possessive of her tent. Seriously. But she does allow me to squeeze partially in sometimes. The dog is ALWAYS welcome but he doesn’t like it. And she has a grand old time with her babies in there. It was a WONDERFUL and THOUGHTFUL gift! 🙂

      XOXO Rachael

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