The bedtime dilemma.

Here’s the deal folks…Pineapple is getting big. She is becoming a big girl. And I THINK it’s time for a new bed.

Here’s the REST of the deal….Pineapple has her own room. It’s upstairs, directly above DH and my bedroom. This proved to be such a hassle when she was super tiny and in need of midnight and 3AM feedings, that we bought a SECOND bed and put it in our bedroom. It was also handy during the winter months because we have electric heating and we were nervous about leaving her upstairs in a different area of the house with the wall units running. So, for the past year and a half, Pineapple has been sharing out room.

I know. I know. I know.

She HAS been in her own bed! But, she IS in the same room.


The time has come for her to officially move into her room. I feel given that she’s fond of trying to climb on her baby bumper and lift her leg over the railings that it is also time for her to get a “big girl bed” – meaning a bed that rests approximately 6 inches off of the floor.

Here is my dilemma: (it has several parts)

  • How do we keep her in her room? I don’t want to shut her in by closing her door and I don’t think we can put a baby gate there because then we couldn’t shut the door at all – given that her room is on the back side of our living room, if we’d ever like to watch TV in there again, it is necessary to shut the door.How do we keep her in?!
  • Baby-proofing her room….seriously – HALP! I’m afraid the only way I will feel safe is if we remove EVERYTHING from the room! Because what if she wakes up and gets up to play in the night and falls or trips (she falls A LOT, so this isn’t an unreasonable concern) and hurts herself on a piece of furniture or a toy?! :S
  • Is she ready? Really? She’s 20 months. We were thinking we’d get her a bed for her room in June. Is that right? I don’t know this stuff and that absentee manual probably wouldn’t have that sort of information anyway!
  • Am I ready? I wake up every morning to her little face peeking over the rails at me saying “Hi Mama.” *WHIMPER*
  • What if she’s scared? What if she’s lonely? What if she chokes? What if she’s sad? What if the monitor conks out? What if…what if…what if???

Please share any advice/tips/etc. I really need help on this one my fellow friend on the interwebs.

Oh – and if you have any specific bed recommendations, please share those, too. We’re not sure which direction to go but we’re leaning towards this cute bed at Ikea:

I like that it has the little rails on the side and it’s expandable. Plus, it’s super low to the ground…and just plain cute. πŸ™‚

14 thoughts on “The bedtime dilemma.

  1. Oh Lordy! Sorry I’m no help at all Rachael! Rayna is content as can be in her crib and has also been in her own room for ages now.
    …yeah, no help. I’ll tweet this out for ya!

  2. Hi there. Saw an SOS go out on Twitter and headed on over. I have two boys ages 3 and 18 months. Here is how I’ve done things w/ the 3 year old. Until they are trying to climb out of a crib, I say leave them in. Our pediatrician gave us this advice. I actually just revisited this w/ her today when we went for the 18 months check up. My 18 month old isn’t trying to climb out, so I’m keeping him in his crib as long as I can.

    When we moved our 3 year old into his bed, we did put a gate in front of the door and it is still there. I personally am just not comfortable with the thought of him getting out. I know you mentioned you didn’t think a gate would work in front of your little ones door. If you think you might want to get one, I’d check Babies R’ Us. We’ve had great luck and they carry a wide variety of gates that can fit a lot of unusual spaces.

    We have been having issues with my 3 year old waking up in the middle of the night. Our pediatrician recommended that if we decided to take the difficult approach of having him stay in his room, we would tell him that if he says in bed we will keep the door open. If he gets up, we shut it. So far that has been working well for us. He also said if we shut the door, we needed a way to lock it so he couldn’t open it. What we did is just put one of those door knob covers over the door handle on the inside so he can’t open the door. The first night we did this, he cried a little bit but went back to bed.

    I would also recommend getting a bed time routinue that includes you getting her down in her new room. Having a routinue has brought such comfort to my little ones. Also, if she doesn’t already have a special bear or something to sleep with, it might be good to get her something like that.

    I remember reading in one of the baby books when transition a baby out of your room that it is actually better for them because they are light sleepers, they will get more rest in their own room. So that helped me to feel better. Having a monitor in the room was great too.

    I’d say if you make it a positive experience and hide any anxiousness you’re feeling from your little one, she will transition beautifully and it will be a great thing.

    Hang in there! If you want to chat more I’m @chiccraftychic on Twitter or feel free to stop by and visit my blog.

    Best of luck! Oh yeah, I’m so jealous because the furniture for little girls is way cuter than the options for boys. LOL

    • Shelly…thank you SO MUCH! This is such great advice and information – I truly, truly appreciate it. And I think the reminder to “hide my own anxiousness” is definitely a very good one.

      Pineapple has a pretty solid bedtime routine we’ve been practicing for over a year – and we do a great job of sticking to a specific timeline for this – so in that regard, at least, the switch should be easy.

      I hate to say it – but I think I may be me who has the hardest time. Growing up is TOUGH! πŸ˜‰

      Thanks for stopping by – please feel free to share parenting advice and tips any old time!

      XOXO Rachael

  3. Pineapple has been sharing your bedroom this entire time?!? Now I understand why you were so confident in saying that another child wouldn’t be on the way anytime soon.

    You’ll get her to start using the bed in her room if you stick with it. Like anything else, it will take time and persistence. Good luck.


      Thanks – we really feel like it’s time for her to get her own room. It is so tough to put her down in her bed and then vacate our room for a few hours so she can settle in – particularly on nights when I would like nothing more than to put her down and go to bed myself!

      I’ll keep you posted on our progress.

      XOXO Rachael

  4. Natalie says:

    Just close the door. She’ll be fine. It’s you who will be effected by this more than Pineapple. When Anna first got her big girl bed, they closed the door all the way, now that she’s older they leave it partially cracked because she likes it better. But they do put a railing on the stairs just in case she wanders out.


      There. I said it. It’s the truth. I’d be scared for her to be shut in there all alone with the door shut. Plus, I’m getting one of those video baby monitors and I’m pretty sure it will be “Pineapple O’Clock on the good old TV” all the time, as a result. I can just see myself now lying in bed watching “TV” – aka Pineapple. πŸ˜›

      Thanks for thinking I’ll be fine, though. Given that you actually know me, that’s a real vote of confidence! πŸ˜‰

      XOXO Rachael

  5. bluebyou says:

    I feel your pain! 😦 I also went thru this? It is never easy and you are NEVER ready for this. Maybe you could move ur room upstairs? Maybe put her bed in ur ginormous closet/dressing area? No easy answer to anything? MOVE????

    • I’m actually considering the closet…it was a “craft room” before I lost my mind and bought enough shoes to fill it…it could make a very nice “in between room” for Pineapple…it has a window and plenty of room….it’s an option!

  6. Gosh that is such a tough one because it really varies by child. My son was happy to go to a toddler bed before he was 2 while our daughter wasn’t ready until a few months ago and she’ll be 3 soon.

    What I can help with is the toddler proofing. REMOVE EVERYTHING! If it is there and not bolted, cemented or chained down, they will get into it. Our daughter even went as far as the remove the vent covers from the floor!

    Make sure any dressers are secured to the wall, I’d put locks on all drawers or they will climb them right to the top. Covers over outlets, lock on the closet, and maybe leave out a few stuffed animals.

    Toddlers are creative when left to their own imaginations.

    • I’ve already moved EVERYTHING away from her window for fear that she could climb up there! *SHUDDER* and the vents are good advice – I’d forgotten about that but my nephew definitely spent quite a bit of time undoing vents and finding items to drop in them…KIDS!

      Thank you for commenting!!!!

  7. Move aunt Tay-Tay back in so that she will have someone right next to her… who also just so happens to serve as a walking baby monitor/body guard/diaper changer/LOVABLE AUNT!!!!

    Give my Pineapple a kiss for me. Tell her I love her more than all the moon-pies in the entire universe!

    • More than ALL the moon-pies?! Wow…I actually know what that means to you! πŸ™‚

      You are welcome back ANY TIME. You know that! Please come “home” soon!!!!

      XOXO Rachael

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