Where’s the baby???

Pineapple has become baby obsessed. “Bu-beh, bu-beh” we hear all the time! When we pick her up from daycare, she squeals, and runs in circles and points at the two new babies they have there, shouting “bu-beh, bu-beh!”

It’s VERY cute.

It’s not so cute when she gets MAD because that “bu-beh’s” mom or dad has to take the “bu-beh” home. Then, it’s not cute to the point of being quite ugly. She screams and yells and says “peez, peez, peez!” pointing toward the door through with the baby just departed.

Oy vey.

But yesterday, she did something so, so, so, so cute…DH and I couldn’t help but giggle.

She brought a book over to DH and climbed up on his lap and started flipping through. This was one of those big board books with animals, shapes, numbers, and touch and feel pages. Well, the touch and feel page has a fuzzy bunny – which regularly receives a thorough petting – as well as a puppy with floppy ears – that are almost rubbed right off the page. It also has a “mirror” for baby to see herself. DH decided to point the mirror out to Pineapple. This is how that went:

DH: Look Pineapple…a mirror! <points at mirror>

Pineapple: Leans in closely….<licks mirror>

DH: No, silly! Look in the mirror!

Pineapple: Leans in….looks in mirror….smiles!

DH: See?! There’s a BABY in the mirror! <points at mirror>

Pineapple: <with look of confusion> Leans in…looks in mirror….flips book over to look behind book for baby.

DH: No, silly! That baby is YOU!

Pineapple: <sideways look at daddy> Leans in….presses forehead to mirror…leans back, looks sideways at mirror….flips book over, AGAIN.

DH: <laughing now> Where’s the baby?!

Pineapple: <forehead now pressed to mirror> “Bu-beh!!!!!” <tapping mirror>

It was cute, folks. To say the very least.

8 thoughts on “Where’s the baby???

    • Pineapple has a tendency to wrap her babies a little tightly and drop them in favor of a treat she’s being handed. We’ve had discussions about how babies shouldn’t land on their heads. 😛 Picture the little girl from the Looney Tunes cartoons who was going to “love it and pet it and call it George”….that’s Pineapple! 😛

  1. Very cute!
    Rayna is also obsessed with “bayBEEZ” but she is NOT a baby ;o) When she sees herself in the mirror it’s not a baby, it’s Wayna. And she’s catching on that the baby pictures around aren’t just babies anymore they’re Wayna too. Funny how the progression goes 🙂

    • Oh that is SO cute, Bay!!!! “Wayna” – LOL! I love it! And she gets it – Pineapple says her name sometimes but most often will point out mommy and daddy and then eyeball the baby like “whatchoo doin’ with my parents little bebeh??” 😉

  2. Gingermommy says:

    very cute ! My little one is 18 months and the youngest to 3 much older siblings. We went for lunch the other day her and I and saw anothe baby her age. She kept pointing at him calling him clear as day “baby” and when I pointed at her and said “baby” she shouted “no!” Lol…They really make you chuckle at that age 🙂

    • She is doing the same thing! She has a very clear definition in her head of what a baby IS and what it ISN’T – so when we changer her diaper she screams and cries and kicks and says “NO BABY!” I’m assuming that means that she understands babies wear diapers…we’re looking at potties! *DARETODREAM*

      Thanks for commenting!

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