Pretty Girl

Pineapple is a very pretty girl. She’ll even tell you so! (Repeatedly.) She puts on her nightgown and says “I pretty.” She puts on her shoes and says “I pretty.” We get ready to go and she says “I ready. I pretty.” She is a pretty, pretty girl.

She’s also “poopy.” She stands still in the closet as DH and I get ready – a pensive look on her tiny face…”are you going poopy?” we ask. “I poopy,” she says. She makes a loud groaning noise as she pauses on her way through the living room to the back door and DH asks “are you going poopy?” “I poopy,” she says.

So far, what have we learned?! Pineapple = pretty and Pineapple = poopy. We’re on the same page, right?

Well, recently, Pineapple also means “no bubeh…no diaper.” She’s been taking off her pants followed immediately by the removal of her diaper. And sometimes….those are poopy.

Last week, during nap time at daycare, she took off her diaper and POOPED IN THE BED. Not. Cool. So, we were told that she needed to wear something that she can’t take off.

My solution? Bathing suits. I’m putting her in bathing suits with pants or shorts or a little skirt to go to daycare. I even bought her several new ones over the weekend.


And is she pretty??? Check! (Don’t worry, she’ll tell you if you’re not sure.) Is she poopy??? Sometimes. (And she’ll tell you that, too.) But thankfully, she’s not pantsless AND poopy cause that…just ain’t pretty.

2 thoughts on “Pretty Girl

  1. I think she says that because I always called her that! Every time I saw her I would say, “Hey my pretty girl!” – Gosh I miss her so much it hurts! Literally….

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