A Very Good Day

A note from Pineapple (since Mama has been SLACKING)…..

Today was Father’s Day…and I had a BLAST. Mommy was away from home for work all last week and I was so looking forward to spending some quality time with her this weekend. So, when DH announced that he wanted to go spend some time at the driving range, I was all for it.

Mama and I decided to drop DH off and head to the mall for some “girl fun.” And boy did we enjoy it!

First, we parked at Macy’s…we were IN LOVE with the purses…and then IN LOVE with the jewelry…and then IN DOUBLE LOVE with the makeup counters! We squealed at all the bright shiny things and smacked the glass covered cases with joy! We were particularly thrilled when ladies came over to see if we needed any help and told us how ADORABLE we are. We know…but it’s nice to hear sometimes. We also really liked the perfume sticks the nice lady gave us…they smelled soooo good but they didn’t taste so great…mama took those away pretty quickly.

Next, we went down to the yogurt shop. I had blueberry/banana and mama had plain. Mama put blueberries and blackberries on mine and she had lame old granola and coconut…she tries sooo hard to be good. I struggled a little bit with the texture…and the cold…but in the end, it was great! I ate all of mine (well, the parts I didn’t drop on the floor) and some of mommy’s, too! I sat in the chair in the yogurt shop like a big girl and so many people said I was cute! (Which, of course, I am…so…you’re welcome! 🙂 )

Next, I pushed the stroller down to the Disney Store. That place is AWESOME! There are toys EVERYWHERE! There were lovies and pretties and balls and wind-ups. OMG. I could LIVE there. I tried to crawl up in the mountain of lovies but mommy said I probably shouldn’t do that. The nice lady that works there said that I was very cute and could hang out there if I wanted but mama said that was not such a great idea since I drool a lot and she didn’t want to buy me all of those lovies. I did find a kitty that I liked a LOT but in the end, I decided I didn’t need another lovey.

After that, we went to Bath & Body Works. That place smells so good! And they have the GIANT rubber duckies! I spent a lot of time looking through the window and waving at the duck…it never waved back….rude…but I supposed it gets waved at a lot during the day and it probably gets tired. I had so much fun in that store. There are sooo many pretty, shiny things to look at and smell. Mama let me smell some candles and I’ll admit, I liked the Pineapple Orchid smell the very best. 🙂 We saw mama’s friend in the store and they stopped to talk. I took advantage of that time to find some anti-bacterial hand sanitizers…I couldn’t get them open though, darn it. Mama helped me pick some out and then we got in line.

That’s when daddy called. He said he was all done and ready for us to come pick him up. That was OK, too because I was getting pretty tired. I wasn’t grumpy at all though because I had my mama and she held me when I told her “up please” (mama minds really well…I’ve done a great job training her). After we checked out, she buckled me into my stroller with my baby and a blankie and we hustled back through the mall to the car.

All of the shops and windows flashed past and there was so much to look at but I just couldn’t stop yawning. At the car, mama made me a bobby and I got in my big girl seat – all cozy and warm. Only a few minutes later I was out.

I guess everything went OK while I napped because when I woke up, mama and daddy were there with me at home and ready to play some more. We went for a long walk and pretended to be ballerinas. We jumped and twirled and spun and balanced. We’re warmed up first with some good stretches…and I touched my toes!

It was a great day…a fun day…a family day. The best kind. Yep…it was a very, very good day. I hope yours was, too!

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