One of THOSE People

I’m officially one of THOSE people…a borg…a bluetooth-wearing borg.

This was forced on me because of the law change in Oregon disallowing the use of cell phones while driving. So, I invested in a bluetooth and yesterday, I was chatting away when I arrived at the grocery store, so I left that bad boy in my ear and marched inside.

I wandered all over the store, talking to the blank air in front of me, and barely registering the odd looks I was receiving. I gathered up my goodies, made my way to the register and talked all the way through the checkout ( I KNOW I KNOW…RUDE!).

I paid for my items and left the store…still yapping. I was carrying my recycleable bag, wearing my big, white sunglasses, toting my loaf of french bread and fresh peonies…all the while talking on my bluetooth (which means I looked like I was talking to myself) when I felt a tap on my shoulder. It was the – <look away DH> VERY cute checkout guy with my WALLET.

WTHeck?!?!?! I’m so friggin’ absorbed in my own self and bluetooth conversation that I cannot stop what I’m doing to even pick up my wallet?!?!?

Shame. Ful. And Embarrass. Ing.

Anyway, I will not be making that mistake again….now, where did I put Pineapple?….<I’m TOTALLY kidding.>

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