Big Girls Don’t Cry….They SOB Loudly.

I realize this is ridiculous. Logically, I know I’m being silly….but my little, sweet, tender, wonderful, baby Pineapple…..started preschool today.

She’s 2……2!

She moved to her new preschool house – and we attended the orientation yesterday. There is a small classroom where they will draw and learn their shapes and colors. There’s a reading room where her big, fuzzy, pink pillow is stored for her dainty bottom to rest on while she listens to her teachers read a book. And the teachers? All new – to her at least. She’ll be sitting at a big girl table for lunch. And she’ll be sleeping on a….

…wait for it….

nap mat!!!


She’s sooooo sooo soo LITTLE. And I’m nervous for her.

When I talked to my dad about it – while I wept – he laughed and said “oh good grief, Rachael – she’s going to DAYCARE dressed up like PRESCHOOL where she will play with her friends! You’re so silly!” When I talked to my sister about it – while I wept – she laughed and said “OMG – you are NOT crying over this! Oh heaven forbid that Pineapple be forced to go to a clean, nice, fancy preschool where she has to color pictures with her friends – GASP!”

I get no respect.

At least DH is sympathetic. We both agree. It seems like a LOT of responsibility for a 2 year-old. But I guess my dad and sister are right, at the end of the day. I mean, it’s not like she’s going for hard labor. I won’t get there and find her frantically stitching labels into the backs of poorly made clothing…..or digging ditches in the yard next to the jungle gym…..or scrubbing the floors on her little hands and knees until it shines like the top of the Chrysler building….


4 thoughts on “Big Girls Don’t Cry….They SOB Loudly.

  1. Hehe K-man was 3 when he went to preschool. I cried. K-man didn’t care, since there were TOYS!

    I don’t think either of us are going to do very well when Kindergarten comes around.

    I don’t think you are being silly. Such a big step for a small, fragile sweet baby. šŸ™‚

    • I’m afraid when she starts Kindergarten I’ll be standing out on the lawn all day just weeping. It’s all I can do right now not to drive over and press my face to the window. I’m SURE she’s fine…right???…right????
      She’s fine.

      For sure. šŸ™‚

  2. Oh dear!! I know it’s a lot to take in. My 20 month old has been in daycare since 3 months, but I remember when he moved to the Waddler room and it was only one nap a day and on a MAT, I just couldn’t believe it.
    She will love it. The Bug has learned more at school than he ever would have at home with me. They have fun activities, he colors, learns shapes….
    Pineapple will do great…and so will you.

    • Thanks, Erin! It is SO nerve wracking! (but seriously? how cute is the “Waddler Room”??? I mean, honestly. I think they pick the names to throw us off by the cuteness.) But she LOVED it. She had a BLAST. When I picked her up and took her outside she started crying and said “I wanna go back!” and when I got her home, she went straight to her bedroom and said “wanna go to bed” – so I guess she was worn out! šŸ˜‰

      Are you gonna make it to Blissdom??? Miss you!

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