My How Time Flies….

I may have mentioned this recently but just in case, Pineapple has turned 2.


My baby is 2. Years. Old.


How did this happen? Where did the time go? Well, although she’s 2 – and clearly a very big girl now – she still does some “baby” things. What you ask?

Those big baby sighs. While she’s playing or sleeping, she’ll sigh deeply. It’s like she’s saying “everything is right with the world.” And for that little moment, everything is right with mine because I know she’s content and happy.

She also still uses a pacifier occasionally – primarily when sleeping (or falling asleep) – and when she does, she makes that little “squeaky-squeaky” noise that comes with sucking on a passy. It’s so cute. And it just reminds me of all those wee baby bottles…what a soothing noise!

She still wants to be rocked – the only difference is that now she can tell me so. We rock in her squishy chair and we sing songs and read books. She enjoys it – I enjoy it – and I know, deep down, that our time on that chair is limited. And damn…that makes me so sad…but it makes the time spent there all the more precious.

She still wants me. She calls for me – MAMA! – and she follows me around like a little duckling. She wants me…maybe not as much as I want her (who knows) but for right now…I’m the mama. And that is the most in demand position in our household. I just hope it stays that way for a long time. Because I’m afraid that before I know it…she’ll be 20 instead of 2.

I love watching her become the person she will be. I’m looking forward to all the new things we’ll do. But I feel a bit like I’m mourning those early days. Those first 2 years. I miss my baby…but I love my toddler.

She does some FAB toddler things. Like what? (you’re so CURIOUS today!)

Well, she knows what she wants…and she’s not afraid to tell you. Sometimes it lands her in timeout but she’s not a wimp and she’s not a pushover. She needs you to EXPLAIN why she needs to eat her dinner before she has her cookie. But she always eats her dinner after it has been explained. She’s a good, good girl.

She likes to “swim” in the bathtub. Every time I see her do this, it makes me happy because how many times have I wished as an adult that I could swim in the bathtub?! And how long has it been since I’ve been able to do so? I’m glad she’s at an age where she understands that she can swim in there but she’s still little enough enjoy it.

She dances and dances and DANCES! She loves to dance and she loves music. If we’re walking in the store and she passes a radio she STOPS…turns…and starts to boogie. And she has got some MOVES (granted, they unfortunately seem to be her Dad’s moves, but moves they are). We love to watch her dance and admittedly spend many an evening turning on some sort of house music or country or rock (whatever she likes that day) so she’ll get down. It’s the best!

She gets so stinkin’ excited about things. She’s at the point where you can tell her that we’re going to the park and she’ll run around yelling “POK” and squealing until we leave. Anything fun works her right up – Wonderpets? Check!, Bathtime? Check!, Riding in the car? Check!! It’s adorable.

She’s a fantastic snuggler and she gives kisses, too. And her favorite thing in the world is to hug both DH and I at the same time and pat our heads. She likes those “family hugs” and if she hugs only me or only DH, she’ll look at the other and say “come-on.” I wouldn’t trade her hugs for the world…and it makes me sad that I know I don’t have an infinite amount of them…but I treasure what Ido have.

Happy Birthday Little Pineapple. I can’t wait to see what you do with your world.

XOXO – Mommy

5 thoughts on “My How Time Flies….

    • Isn’t she ADORABLE! I hope you’re not laughin at her hair! It was a CHALLENGE! Almost as bad as her after the party – a friend asked me to compare her behavior to something so she’d understand how Avery was acting following the party; I likened it to me after a bottle of champagne, a gallon of Ben & Jerry’s, and just having watched the Notebook…it was THAT bad! 🙂

  1. 😦 , times a million. I should have been there. She even had super cute birthday party hair…and I wasnt there…

    You know how they say, “Out of sight, out of mind”? Well, they lied! I try not to dwell on missing her too much… but it still makes me just as sad every time I see her.

    Yes, Im tearing up as I write this. This is terrible! ……….

    Aunt Tay Tay loves you Avery! Happy Birthday.

    • Awwww….poor Tay Tay! I agree. You shoulda been there! 😛 I’m kidding! Don’t cry! Avery misses you, too – she was walking around Dad & Pattie’s on Sunday clutching your picture and saying “TAY TAY TAY TAY!” It was cute…DON’T CRY! 😛

  2. You see, to the untrained eye, that comment MIGHT look like a sweet, comforting, reassuring little nugget. However, I know your evil ways (which ironically is partly why I love you). You’re trying to make me cry, just like you did when I was leaving! I can see it in the taunting faces of the smileys….Im ready to come back and force you to eat hotdogs with me at the nasty corner grill downtown. Yea???? (Those were good times. hehe.)

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